CNC Routers

A CNC router is a computer numerical control machine that is very similar to the commonly used handheld router that is used for cutting various materials. This CNC equipment can aid in the cutting of materials like wood, steel, aluminum, composites, plastic, foam, etc.

CNC routers also can be named as computer numerical control router, CNC engraver, CNC cutting machine, CNC carving machine, and CNC drilling machinery. CNC engraving machine boasts of capabilities to producing a one-off effectively and with repeated similar productions. It produces exceptional and top-quality work while improving the overall productivity of the factory. The CNC machine is innovated to guarantee high automation and precision work. To use machines to replace the labor is the one core of the Germany Industrial 4.0. CNC engraver will be one of the good choices to fulfill this target.

Popular CNC router applications: Furniture making, Cabinet making, Sign making, Crafts and art, Mould making and prototyping, Architectural millwork, Foam cutting, Metal fabrication, Plastic fabrication, and more. Here are CNC routers for sale now. Browse them and pick the best one! Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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CNC Wood Router Machines

CNC wood router machine is a CNC tool that can create objects from wood. They are widely used in furniture industry, wooden industrial product’s industry, mold industry and musical instrument industry. Whether you want to produce wooden cabinet, guitar musical instruments or woodcraft, these CNC machines will never let you down.

Small Mini CNC Routers

A hobby CNC router is perfect for small workshops or home use since its compact body and cheap price. This machine is capable of cutting all types of wood, acrylics, plastics, PVCs, and PCBs, which will help you make different remarkable projects easily.

5 Axis CNC Machines

5-axis machining offers two rotational axes and three linear axes that work simultaneously to achieve super complex surface machining. This CNC machine is the only way to solve the processing of blades, impellers, marine propellers, large diesel engine crankshafts, heavy generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, and more. Moreover, they have a significant influence on the military, aviation, aerospace, high-precision equipment, scientific research, and other industries.

4 Axis CNC Routers

This is a CNC machine that has four axes which include the X, Y, Z and A. They are used on a lathe machine for milling and carvings. This machine is equipped with a four-axis control system. A 4-axis CNC machine’s spindle has the ability to swing in an oscillatory motion from left to right. The work piece is approached from different angles by the spindle to process about three effective processing surfaces. It is used for foam molds, ship molds, three-dimensional work piece, irregular graphics processing and complex work piece.

3 Axis CNC Routers

3 axis CNC machines are used primarily for cutting flat, 2D and 2.5D parts. It consists of X-axis which moves the router from left to right, Y-Axis which moves the router from front to back when cutting and Z-Axis which the router up and down when cutting along.

ATC CNC Routers

ATC CNC routers, because of their automatic tool changing function, are extensively used in manufacturing industries for furniture, wooden doors, cabinet doors, computer desks, mahjong tables, wooden loudspeaker enclosures, etc. Available for 4X8 CNC Router, 5X10 CNC router, 6X10 CNC router etc any size.

Beginner Basic CNC Routers

This entry-level CNC machine is perfect for the CNC beginners. Beginner Basic CNC Routers have wide applications in the advertising and construction industry, processing various materials from plastic to wood, stone, and soft metal, etc. They are easy to operate and have a high-cost performance for customers, which will be a good choice for you to make money.

Stone CNC Routers

The Stone CNC machine is an automatic CNC engraving router with high efficiency and mechanization. It is able to process ceramics, glass, and natural stone, etc. Stone CNC Routers are commonly found in the inscription industry, handicraft industry, and decoration industry. They can meet all your basic demands no matter in home decoration or project production.

Rotary Axis CNC Routers

With improved welding technicals, these Rotary Axis CNC Routers have a high-cost performance with good stability, long durability and high precision. For customers even for beginners, these Rotary Axis CNC Routers are a great choice with a better cooling effect and easy way of operation and learning. Widely applied to the woodworking industry, advertising industry, soft metal processing, artwork industry, and electronics industry.

Multi-Spindle CNC Routers

Multi-Spindle CNC Routers can process a batch of products at the same time, which can meet customers’ large processing volume and greatly improve the production efficiency. If you need to process small-scale production, the spindle can be set to meet your demands which are highly efficient. If you have such production requirements, our Multi-Spindle CNC Routers will be your favored choice.

EPS Cutting Machines

The EPS CNC Cutting machines are designed for all kinds of mold making. With steady structure, appropriate configuration, and high precision, these EPS Cutting machines are widely applied to processing wooden mold, aluminum mold, foam mold, and so on. They are easy to learn and operate thanks to their clear control system. With the advantages of our EPS Cutting machines, you will reap a lot.

CNC Routers with Camera

These kinds of CNC machines have high performance with cameras installed on the head of CNC Routers. Take advantage of CNC Routers with Camera, you are allowed to adjust cutting mode with high precision. They are suitable for various materials from leather to cardboard, fiberglass, and honeycomb. A clever design of these CNC Routers with Camera helps to largely improve your efficiency.

Nesting CNC Routers

The Nesting CNC Routers combine a steady frame and smart design, enabling production with high precision and efficiency. It’s easy to operate the Nesting CNC Routers thanks to their enhanced control system. Meanwhile, they are suitable for office furniture, custom furniture and cabinet wardrobes, etc. Take advantage of their flexibility, high precision, and automation, these Nesting CNC Routers will be your first choice to make money in your career.

Oscillating Knife Cutting Machines

Adopting Germany ECOCAM EOT-3, these Oscillating Knife Cutting machines, with high efficiency and accuracy, can cut various materials from leather to rigid foam and so on. Furthermore, a high assembly structure is able to bear large capacity and guarantee precision. So there is an increasing application of Oscillating Knife Cutting machines in the cutting industry, advertising industry, and woodworking industry.

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Things to Consider When Buying a CNC Router

When purchasing a new CNC machine it is important to consider certain aspects that play a critical part in the overall operation of the machine. They will ensure you get the best machine intended to serve you with convenience. Here are important factors to consider when buying a new CNC machine.

  • Capacity: The size of the project you are undertaking is paramount before you can purchase a new CNC machine. Huge projects require big-sized CNC machines for effective operation. Here we are going to focus on the CNC machine router of size 4×8. It’s suitable for handling small works and college students’ learning experience.
  • The Work Cycle: Consider whether the machine is suited for the handling of small works, hobby or commercial works.
  • Power: Depending on the type of work the CNC engraver will be performing, power plays a critical part just like any machine. What type of spindle or motor will the machine use? Correct power levels are integral for ensuring the speed and quality of cuts are up to standard. CNC engraving machines are designed based on the purpose that is tailored to the size of motor and power. Routers suited for regular works use the water-cooled spindle and produce a lot of noise. For heavy and regular works, a liquid-cooled spindle is the best option to adopt.
  • Durability: When purchasing a CNC machine, the durability of the machine is essential. Machines tend to wear down due to prolonged usage and friction created by moving parts. As such, ask for the durability of the machine before you can embark on purchasing one. This ensures better and accurate performance capability.
  • Cost: Like just any investment, it’s essential to get the best value for money invested. The value of the routing machine is crucial as serious buyers opt to have all parts at the right stipulated price. This depends a lot on the purpose intended when purchasing a CNC machine. There are different machines here with some having programmed designs while others come with the option of purchasing all parts differently.