Customized CNC Router

If you have unique needs and are not sure whether there is a CNC machine tool that can meet your unique constraints and requirements, then you have come to the right place.

FORSUN CNC has extensive experience in custom design and manufacture of various small CNC machine tools for certain types of work. Custom machines can be manufactured in different configurations, such as 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers or combination machines. Your custom mechanical project will be handled by a knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing support team, and we will use the necessary technology, procedures, tools and equipment to obtain high-quality results.

Customized CNC Router Videos

Customized CNC Router Applications

FORSUN customized CNC engraving machine can be used to produce a variety of different items, such as furniture, cabinets, signboards, wood panels, wooden frames, door carvings, prototypes and shapes, musical instruments, handicrafts, etc.

Cylinder project by wood cutting machine
aluminum sheeting cutting by cnc cutting machine
cnc carving machine projects
cnc router for plastic project
craft by cnc cutting machine
multi-head cnc router projects
CNC Wood Router for cabinet making
cabinet project by cnc router

Optional Configuration

The following are some optional devices. If our ordinary machines cannot meet your production needs, you are welcome to discuss custom CNC router machines with us.

1,Wood Duo Aggregate

The woodworking duo aggregates designed for the Wood Line electrospindles allow a wide range of machining operations to be carried out, including milling, boring and cutting.

woodworking duo aggregate
quattro wood aggregate 2
2, Rotary Axis (The 4th Axis of CNC Router / 4 Axis CNC Router)

The application of the Rotary Axis CNC Router is cylindrical or 3D sculptures in stone, woodworking, advertising, metal, and other industries. We can build the Rotary Axis CNC Router. At the same time, the rotary shaft device can also be added on the standard CNC Router to realize the cylindrical engraving working. Thus, round material and flat material can be processed in one CNC Router. It will save a lot of time and improve high efficiency.

wood cutting machine with rotary axis
rotary cnc router project
3, Safety Laser Curtain / laser barriers to Proect Operator

We suggest installing laser barriers to create laser safe temporary work areas. When you need maximum flexibility for enclosing a laser work area or need a temporary Class 1 laser safe work zone, choose movable laser barriers. Movable barriers are a great alternative to laser curtain systems.

safety laser curtain for cnc router machine
safety laser barrier for wood cnc router
4, Double Working Table

The dual workbench can use different tools to perform different tasks, realize multiple functions, and reduce time and labor costs.

Double Work Table
Double Working Table
5, Multi Spindles CNC Engraver

Multi-spindle CNC Engraving Machines can work simultaneously on the same pattern, which can better improve the processing speed. At the same time, the working efficiency of multiple devices can be completed. Of course, some processing quantities are not large. In this case, it is also possible to carry out the independent operation of a single spindle, and effectively and rationally control the production cost.

multi spindles cnc engraver
Best cheap relief CNC wood router with Multi-spindles for sale

How to Buy a Customized CNC Router Machine?

  1. Free sample processing service: Send the designed files to us, we will arrange free sample processing and make videos in the factory to show you the process and results, or send samples to you to check the processing quality.
  2. Processing plan design: According to customer requirements, we can design unique solutions to support higher production efficiency and better processing quality.
  3. Provide free quotation. We will send you the quotation sheet of CNC machine configuration, photos, videos and prices according to your requirements.
  4. Activate the order. Your company will arrange a deposit. We will start production of CNC router machines from 3D design, machine body welding, machining, painting spare parts preparation, manufacturing and inspection.
  5. Test sample video and deliver. After we manufacture and inspect, we will make the final video about CNC machine tools for you. After confirmation, the woodworking machine will be shipped by sea through me or your agent.
  6. After-sales service. We will provide video teaching programs to tell customers how to use or install our CNC engraving machine. My service team will answer customer questions online 7 * 24 hours.
  7. Feedback. We look forward to customer feedback. Please tell us your feelings about the quality and service of our CNC machine tools. If you have more ideas that can help us improve, it will be greatly appreciated.

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