CNC Router Maintenance

Purchasing a CNC router machine is an important decision and a huge investment for the wood factory. CNC machine tools are the life of the factory. If the machine fails, it will waste time and cost, and cause direct losses to the manufacturer. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the machine cannot be ignored. The uptime and productivity of the machine must be ensured. Correct use and maintenance of CNC machines can prevent machine failures and greatly extend machine life. If the machine is well maintained, the machine can maintain good working conditions and stability, and the processing speed and accuracy can be guaranteed. Routine maintenance is not time-consuming. On the contrary, it can reduce time and cost.

So how to maintain the machine? We have compiled some tips to make the CNC machine in your woodworking workshop run normally.

Maintenance Precautions
    1. Before starting the machine every day, check whether the air source pressure is above 0.6Mpa, and then operate the machine to start working.
    2. Before going to work every day, check the incoming line of the distribution box to ensure that it is correct and safe, then turn on the power and start the production according to the correct operation steps.
    3. Clean the dust on the track in time before starting the processing every day. Impurities, to ensure the overall cleanliness of the machine.
    4. After cleaning up every day, turn on the oil injection system to ensure that there is oil in the track of each shaft, and check the oil to see if the oil is added.
    5. After getting off work every day, press the green button on the left side of the 9W spindle to manually remove the tool holder, and then press the green button to put it back on the spindle the next day.
    6. Check whether the water is enough before using the water-cooled vacuum pump every day. It is best to ensure that the water level is at the position of the filter.
    7. Every day, the air storage tank under the machine bed, the double body (oil-water separator), and the air compressor air storage tank must be drained to prevent water vapor from entering the air circuit, causing the solenoid valve to rust and fail.
Precautions for Weekly Maintenance
    1. Remove dust from the power distribution cabinet every week, blow the dust with an air gun (no water). Drivers, inverters, switching power supplies, AC contactors, relays and system wiring board cards are the key to clean electrical components and connect to electrical components Check whether there is any looseness in the line and the end of the thread is off. Find out and deal with it in time.
    2. Check whether the pull studs on the tool holder of the tool magazine machining center are loose and tighten them in time.
    3. Check whether the pressure regulating screw on the cylinder rod of the tool magazine is loose and tighten it in time. After turning on the machine in winter, turn on the spindle first to allow each spindle to warm up from low speed to high speed for 3-5 minutes.
    4. Correct the workpiece origin of the machine system once a week, check whether the grooves and holes on the front and back of the screw on the positioning cylinder are accurate, the error is too large, please correct it in time.
Precautions for Monthly Maintenance
    1. Discharge the water in the water tank and the pump body of the water-cooled vacuum pump every month, and clean up the sludge impurities in the water tank.
    2. Check whether the screws fixing the limit switch are loose every month, and tighten and correct them in time.
    3. Check whether there is less hydraulic oil in the lower lift and flat assembly every month. If it is less, add M46# hydraulic oil in time.
Other Maintenance Matters Needing Attention
    1. Every time the nut on the spindle is changed, the dust in the inner thread should be cleaned to avoid the vibration of the knife during high-speed rotation, which will cause the sawtooth phenomenon in the cutting. When loading the knife, first manually make a few turns. Use a wrench to tighten after ensuring that the wire positions match. At the same time, avoid disassembly after tightening due to wire misalignment.
    2. The cutting machine with a drill pack must use the manufacturer’s designated special grease brand (German Klüber ISOFLE_TOPASL 32). The drill pack is filled with grease every 20 days of work (two shots with a standard oil gun each time ). When the temperature in the workshop is below zero in winter, the drill row must be idling for 3 minutes before starting, and it is strictly forbidden to use other brands of butter for filling. Do not add too much grease for maintenance of the drill row. You must use the special grease provided by the original manufacturer, otherwise, it will cause the drill bag motor to burn out, and the damage to the drill bag caused by incorrect use or extra addition will not be guaranteed. Then contact our company’s after-sales department to buy regular lubricating grease.
    3. Before turning on the vacuum pump in winter, turn on the fan to see if it can rotate. If it can’t turn on, do not turn on the pump first, first, melt the ice on the water tank and pump body, and then try running. In winter, the water in the water tank must be discharged before getting off work every day. There are 3 screws on the lower side of the pump body to loosen, and the pump body is tilted 45 degrees to discharge the water. Or add antifreeze to avoid freezing the next day. Special attention: When the temperature in the workshop is below 0 degrees, the vacuum pump must be maintained to drain water or add antifreeze. The requirements must be implemented, otherwise, the vacuum pump will freeze, which will cause the vacuum pump motor to burn out and affect the vacuum adsorption capacity.
    4. All equipment (including vacuum cleaners and vacuum pumps) must be connected to the ground wire and ensure effective grounding.
    5. It is recommended to install a voltage stabilizer in the production workshop to prevent electrical components from being damaged due to unstable voltage and affecting production.

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