Welcome to FORSUN CNC! Have questions about our machines? Well, we’ve made a list of frequently asked questions and relevant answers below. This list is always growing, so you can check back often for new information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions that can’t find the answers here.


Why the ATC cnc router machine price is higher?

ATC CNC router machine is the auto tool changer machine. It can change the tool itself. It is widely used in the door, cabinet, or other furniture made with high efficiency and fast speed. Just because of its high technology, the controller, the driver, the motor, and even the machine body are much higher in configuration and request. And it takes more time to manufacture esp for the final testing. So the price is higher than the normal cnc router machine.

Why FORSUN's CNC router price is affordable?

Located in China, with the cost-efficient labor, commendable supply chain, and mass productivity, FORSUN company can offer high-quality CNC routers at a lower price for global clients.

Can I get discount when buying FORSUN CNC Routers?

Usually speaking, our company offers the bottom price to the customers. But if your budget is really too few, please tell the sales who is talking with you, and she can apply some to support the business. To make customers use the modern CNC router machines is our suit.

Can you give me a price according to other company's specifications?

Usually speaking, we can offer prices according to other company’s specification since we have more than ten years of experience in CNC woodworking routers areas.

What is the best price for the CNC router machine agents?

If you are an agent and can buy a lot, we will try to apply a better price for you. But usually speaking, we offer the bottom price from the beginning unless your budget is really not so much. Because our price is much lower than the other company. And our configuration and machine testing are the highest.


What are your payment terms?

TT 50% deposit, 50% balance before machine delivery.

how to ensure my payment security?

Our company is more than ten years of experience in the CNC router and plasma cutter areas. We have more than 8, 000 machines sold in more than 80 countries. We have a very good reputation. And you can check the customers buying reviews. They are all the evidence.


What's the lead time of the CNC router?

For the standard machine, we can ship within one week. For the not standard cnc router machine, it needs 20-30 days.

Can you help deliver the CNC router machine to my factory?

Yes, we can. But we always suggest the customer take the machine to their factory from port themselves to save the cost.

Is it possible to ship the CNC router machine by air?

It is possible but the cost is too high.

After Sales Service

Can you dispatch your technician to our factory for training and installation?

Yes, we can. All my serviceman can speak English and have full experience in abroad training. But you need to take the cost.

How about the training of this machine? And how to install?

We can give you free training by video, mobile or in our factory. Or you can invite my serviceman to your side but you need to take the cost. The machine is ready for use and no need to install it.

Do you have a video about how to use the CNC router?

Yes, we have. And you also can check out this post: How to use CNC Routers?

About CNC Routers

What are the types of CNC Router?

Generally speaking, there are three types of CNC Router: 3 Axis CNC Router, 4 Axis CNC Router, and 5 Axis CNC Router. The 3 Axis CNC Router includes the common CNC Router, hobby CNC router, Linear ATC CNC router, Carousel ATC CNC Router, Nesting CNC Router, and Marble CNC engraving machine.

Why use a CNC Router machine?

CNC Router is the trend of the 21st century in furniture, door or cabinet working area, soft metal like aluminum, brass and copper field and the advertising for foam, PVC, acrylic and mold making. It can save a lot of labor cost. In the traditional furniture field, it needs 5 labors to finish one set of the cabinet in five days. But now it only needs two people to finish one set of the cabinet in one day. Meanwhile, the CNC Router machine can do customized shapes of any cabinet. And it can make the board utilization rate than 95%.

How to choose CNC routers?

To buy a suitable CNC Router machine depends on the following aspect reasons. 

  • The first factors to influence the customers to buy is the budget.  You need to think about the pocket buying ability in the first.  
  • What are the main products you want to do with the machine?  If you need a machine for furniture working, then the ATC machine or nesting CNC router machine will be a good choice.  If you want to work on mold making, then the 4 axis or 5 axis is ok.  If just for DIY or home-working or hobby working, then the desktop CNC Router will be a good idea. 
  • The max working size of your material.   When you buy a CNC Router, pls always think about the max working size of your material. Then choose this size CNC Router machine. Because the big working size machine can work on a small size board. But the small size working machine cannot work on a bigger working board.
  • A reliable and experienced CNC Router manufacturer.  A reliable CNC Router supplier can make sure the machine quality and lead time. Esp for the service aftersale, the trading company or small companies cannot make sure that.
Why choose FORSUN's CNC Router?
  • FORSUN is a professional CNC Router manufacturer with more than 10 years experience in CNC Router design, manufacture, machining, inspection, etc
  • All the spare parts are world-famous brands like Siemens controller from Germany, Yaskawa servo motors from Japan, Igus cable from Germany, ABB from Switzerland and so on.
  • All the machine bodies are through whole welding, heat treating, sandblasting and three times painting to make sure the machine body will be never out of frame or painting problem. It will make your machine always work in high precision, fast speed like the new machine.
  • 7*24 hours service after the sale with English, Russia, Spanish or Portuguese, etc.
  • 3 years warranty for main spare parts while easy broken parts are 1.5 years.
How to buy a CNC router?
  • Inquiry. Tell us what material you want, what is your max working size, and what product you want to do. Budget is also welcome.
  • Free Quotation provided. We will send our quotation sheet with machine configuration, photos, videos, and prices to you according to your request.
  • Launch the order. Your company will arrange the deposit, and we start the machine production from 3D design, machine body welding, machining, painting spare parts preparing, manufacture, and inspection.
  • Testing sample video and delivery. After our manufacture and inspection, we will make a final video of the machine working for you. After the confirmation, the machine will be shipped by sea through my or your agent.
  • After-sale service. We will provide a video teaching program to tell the customer how to use or install our machine. And my service team will 7*24 hours online to answer customer questions.
  • Feedback. We are expecting feedback from our customers. Please tell us how you feel about machine quality and service. If you have more ideas to help us improve, that will be very appreciated.
Should I choose the reducer?

If your budget is ok, we strongly suggest reducer working. It can keep the machine’s precision and long life working.

Should I choose the vacuum table?

If your budget is allowed, we suggest the vacuum table. It can save you time and increase the board’s use.

Does the dust collector necessary?

It is very necessary. It’s not very expensive. But it is very helpful. It can suck the dust away and make the air clean and make sure the operator’s health.

What is the warranty of your machine?

Common machines have an 18-month warranty. And our Siemens machine has 3 years warranty.

What payment terms for CNC Router Machine?

We can accept TT,  L/C, D/P, West Union, and PayPal

Can I see your machine running in my country?

Our machines have been installed in more than 80 countries.  Most likely, you can see my machines there and talk to them about how my machine and service are.  If you need this, pls send mail to [email protected] or WhatsApp 0086-13287753168 to get local customer contact information.

How long needs to train a CNC Router for the fresh user?

For the simple ATC CNC Router, one or two days are enough.  If for the complex machine, it needs 5- 7 days for the training

What's the paint processing of your CNC router machine?

Rusty clean-->rusty avoiding-->sandblasting clean—>bottom painting—>top painting.

What kind of service can I have after buying the CNC Router?
  • Teaching videos. If you buy the FORSUN Router machine, you will have a specific teaching video for your machines.  This will teach you how to install, power use, or maintain the machines. 
  • WhatsApp or WeChat video talking. FORSUN servicemen can speak English, Russia, or Spanish. You can talk with him by video to learn how to use the machine. 
  • For the complex machine,  we also can send my serviceman to your factory to do the training on life. 
What's the difference from Chinese spindle to Italy HSD spindle?

Only price difference. Chinese spindle is good enough.

What's the difference between water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle?

For a small power spindle to work on the soft material, the water cooling spindle is better like 1.5KW, 2.2KW, or 3KW spindle.

If you want to work on hard material and bigger power, the air cooling spindle is better like 3KW, 4.5KW. 6KW and 9KW

If your spindle is higher than 9 kW, then the water cooling spindle is better like 14KW, 16KW, and 20KW.

What should I do if the machine has problems within or without warranty period?

During the warranty period, FORSUN will provide service and change spare parts for free. And new parts can be sent in 3 days by DHL. If out of warranty, we will only charge the spare parts cost price which is much lower than what you buy in the market.