CNC Routers for Plastics & Foam

Machining plastics and foam require specialized CNC Router Machine. You need a rigid and robust CNC Router Machine construction with a powerful driver system and high-performance CNC Cutting Machine controller to make sure the best cutting edge and working quality.

FORSUN CNC Router provides foam processing application solutions in all sizes and shapes for the foam cutting. Our oscillating knife cutting machine and CNC Router with CCD vision system are the most advantage routing tools for foams. Suitable foam material applications: Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam, Explosion Suppressant Foam, Open Cell Polyurethane Foam, Reticulated Foam, and Eva, etc.

Our CNC Milling Machine delivers all types of applications from simple to 2D profile cut letters to complex 3D carvings and engravings, slotting, V-grooving and a variety of tooling for plastics and foams.

FORSUN company also promises the warranty and support to our CNC foam cutting machine and CNC plastic router. We install top quality and famous brand spare parts for our wood router, such as Italian HSD spindle, AC Servo motor from Japan, Helical Rack and Pinion from German. Plus our strict factory installation procedure. You will get high accuracy and fast speed from our Wood CNC Router when you work on your plastic and Foam material. And our CNC Router machine will bring your good business in a very short time!

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