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Jinan FORSUN CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.,( BETA CNC) one of the professional Wood CNC Router manufacturers and suppliers in China, has been focusing on providing high quality CNC Router Machines and solutions for worldwide customers for 20 years. Main computerized CNC machine types: Wood CNC Router, 3d CNC carving machine, Wood CNC machine, ATC CNC router, Basic beginner CNC router, Mini desktop CNC router, Multi-Tool CNC machine, Rotary axis CNC engraver, 4/5 Axis CNC milling machine, CNC marble stone engraving machine, CNC plasma cutter, CNC foam cutter, etc.

Forsun CNC Router help you stay productive.We have the right CNC Router Machine tools for your application and we’re supporting you every step of the way.

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1325A cnc wood router

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Customer's Reviews

New Arrival Wood CNC Router FS1325ATC with Affordable Price

                                                                                                                                   Michael Fasang – July 31, 2020

Fast delivery. It was exactly what I was expecting and more. 1325 cnc router machine is such a smooth running machine!! And so quiet!! I’ve recommended this machine to all my buddy’s. As soon as I show it to them, they all get excited and want to use it. Def 100% satisfied

2020 Hot Selling Wood CNC Router FS1325A

                                                                                                                                                         Daniel Miller – July 10, 2020

I too purchased the FS1325A CNC router from Forsun Cnc recently. I have used a multitude of CNC machines over the years and found this to be the perfect fit for my projects. The water-cooled spindle is quiet and never heats up, even after many hours of work. The dust collector system for dust mitigation with 2 bags…

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Rotary Axis

German customers

                                                                                                                                                      Maxim Donner – August 3, 2020

This plasma cutting machine was perfect for me!! The 63A power supply recommended to me is very suitable for my machine. It can cut 6mm stainless steel smoothly. This is a cost-effective steel cutting machine with very good cutting performance. Thanks for a great plasma cutting machine.

New Mini CNC Router FS6090C

Australian customers

                                                                                                                                         Robert  – July 15, 2020

I love it. To my surprise this 6090 cnc router works great. It can engrave the wood quickly and smoothly. If you are in need of a cnc router and don’t want to go for the larger size this is a great option. All in all, I think it’s a great cnc router and when I want to start a bigger business, I will purchase another.

Best CNC Router

American customers

                                                                                                                                               Bruce Alminton – July 9, 2020

I truly love this 1530 Siemens ATC CNC router machine. This is all used Siemens system, so it has strong anti-interference ability. Besides, I can use Spanish in the controller panel. They were absolutely perfect for my project and the after-sale service is well. Hope this helps.   

New ATC CNC Router 5×10ft with Automatic Pusher Device

German customers                                                                                                                                         Ivan Golub – July 27, 2020

I’m glad I bought this wood router.This is such a great machine. Low noise horsepower, functional and very easy to use. and it was worth every penny.What else can I say, this wood router is highly recommended.                      

2020 Hot Selling CNC Wood Router with Rotary Axis

Turkish customers

                                                                                                                                      Mehmet – August 4

Bought this cnc router , and it is super nice. This is fantastic for a beginner. Easy to set up and smooth to work with. It’s like the first CNC you need to practice on before upgrading. It will definitely set you on the right path.          

                                                                                                                                         Mejia – July 21, 2020

My neighbor told me about this 2-spindle cnc router so I took his advice and ordered it and I’m really pleased with it so far. It is equivalent to a simple automatic tool change, and the work is also very convenient. In addition to carving wood, it can also be applied to MDF and some soft metal materials…

New ATC CNC Router with Aggregate and the 4th Rotary Axis

                                                                                                                                        Andrey Maramzin – August 6, 2020

I highly recommend this 1325 cnc router machine and am extremely pleased I selected the cnc router with Mach3 system. It can be connected to a computer and can display the processing path, which is very convenient. Our company mainly produces cabinets…

New Design Multi-Tool CNC Router

                                                                                                                                         RICCARDO ROMEO – July 17, 2020

I like this 1325 cnc router machine .High quality item. Works great. No issues. Worked like a charm and helped keep me stay sane. It will now become a staple of production tool in my factory . Don’t hesitate in buying.                                            

Applications of CNC Router Machine

Single and multi-pass operations, Rough cutting, Finishing cutting, Drilling, Boring, Pocket, Profile, Carving, Grooving, Planing, Nesting, 2D and 3D Project, 4th axis, Simultaneous 3 and 4 axis motion, Aggregate Tooling, Boring/Drill Heads, Rigid Tapping.

All the above CNC Wood Router abilities enable our customers to get the best results by using FORSUN’s CNC Router Machine. You can find by our customer’s comments that FORSUN Wood Routers are worth to buy!

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