Nesting CNC Router Machine

The nesting CNC machine is numerical control equipment explicitly molded for the manufacturing of panel furniture. Its main function is to cut wooden boards. While processing, the cutting machine includes cutting, punching, grooving, and other processes. Generally, through the blueprint of intelligent software, nesting CNC machine automatically heightens the typesetting design, generate the effect map, and perform operations such as spontaneous modifications, and involuntarily generate diverse paths. Therefore, it saves and ameliorates sheet utilization. Fortunately, the CNC nesting machine is commonly used in the furniture industry such as a cabinet, wardrobe, solid wood, paint-free, solid wood composite, and suite doors. Imagine what one CNC nesting machine has done for various homes, and office doors. If you want to bring panel furniture to life, the nesting CNC machine is your best buddy.

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Common classification of nesting CNC machine

Multi-purpose CNC cutting machine

A multi-process CNC cutting machine is a piece of numerical tracking equipment distinctively designed for manufacturing furniture product lines. The common multi-process nesting cnc machines include; double processes, three processes, and four processes CNC cutting machines. However, the CNC cutting machine under discussion, the multi-process device has uniquely emerged through manufacturing single and dual cabinet heads. Various heads bear diverging processing functionalities but aren’t limited to these features like cutting, slotting, and drilling. It’s also assembled with a row drill kit and 9 drill bit, which is used to auger holes horizontally. Punching reams with keen vigilance and avoiding punched out roundness is highly possible for several diameter holes. On turning the row of drills, the items are linked with all the nine drills rotated simultaneously without having to unlock the hole diameter that boosts the speed of drilling. With an assurance of a 30% efficiency rate, the multi-process CNC cutting machine is the most suitable for the manufacture of cabinets.

Automatic tool change CNC cutting machine

As an automatic tool change CNC cutter, this nesting cnc machine undertakes the automatic tool change function during processing and still accomplishes positioning, optimization, cutting, punching, slotting, and engraving. Equipped with a stand-alone tool magazine and each combination of tools designed to perform a key processing functionality on any non-metal material. The frame is embedded in a gantry moving column structure and all components of the device are manufactured and assembled with accuracy to enhance serviceability, firmness, quality of work, and endurance. Engulfed with all these benefits, this cnc nesting machine is widely used and revered for processing in the industry due to its automatic tool changer capability. Well, if productivity and beauty are your goals, this nesting cnc machine is the best-kept secret.

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Nesting CNC Router Specification

Model Name FS1325-A,FS1530-A,FS2030-AFA2040-A,FS1660-A
Axis 3 Axis CNC Router,4th Axis CNC Wood Router(Optional)
X,Y Axis Travel 1300X2500mm(4X8ft), 1500X3000mm(5X10ft), 2000X3000mm, 2000X4000mm
Z Axis Travel 200mm, 300mm,400mm
Spindle Power 9.0KW ATC Spindle with 24000RPM, ISO30, ER32
Tool Magazine Carousel Auto tool changer magazine with 10 pcs positions
Motor for X,Y and Z AC Servo motor
Operating System Syntec controller / SIEMENS Controller / NC studio
Drive System X,Y and Z axis Helical Rack and Pinion for X and Y Axis ,High precision ball screw for Z axis.
Transmission X,Y and Z axis HIWIN/THK Rail Linear guide and bearings.
Nesting CNC Machine structure Cast steel table structure and side support, aluminum T-Plate Extrusion Combined vacuum table
Working Voltage 220V/50HZ/60HZ,3PH / 380V/50HZ/60HZ,3PH
Auto Loading Device Auto Loading system
Auto Convery off Table Auto Convery system
Command Language G Code & M Code
Collet ISO30 / HSK63F, φ4, φ6, 1/8, 1/9
Lubrication Automatic lubrication system
Tool Calibrication Automatic tool sensor
Dust collector system 3.0KW Dust collector system with 2 bags
Max. Rapid Travel Speed 80000mm/min
Max. working Speed 45000/min
Repeatability +/-0.04mm/300mm
Working Accuracy +/-0.03mm/300mm
Machining Function 2D Machining, 2.5D Machining, 3D Machining
Compatible Software Type3, Ucancam, Artcam, Alphcam, Cabinet Vision etc.
Price Range $18000.00 – $58000.00
Other Names nesting cnc router, automatic nesting cnc router,cnc nesting machine, nesting cnc, furniture production line, loading and unloading wood machine, cnc automatic loading unloading router, nesting cnc engraving machine
Suitable Materials
  • Wood: Plywood, Soft Wood, Hard Wood, MDF, Chipboard
  • Plastic: Acrylic, ABS, HDPE, PVC, UHMW, HDPE
  • Stone: Granite, Marble, Slate, Basalt, Pebbles, Natural Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain
  • Non ferrous Soft Metal: Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Mild Steel
  • Composite: Aluminium Composite, Copper Composite, Titanium Composite, Zinc Composite.
  • Building Industry (General Woodworking, Kitchen Cabinet & Door, Facades & Curtainwall, Column & Balustrade)
  • Sign& Advertising (Signage Indoor & Outdoor, Engraving& Bas-Relief, 3D Letters, Funeral)
  • Relief sculpture and 3D engraving and cylindrical project.
  • Plastics & Composites (ACP, ACM and solid surface material etc)
  • Non-ferrous metals & Marine

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Advantages & Features of Nesting CNC Router

  • Increases plate utilization by 40%. The CNC cutting machine is embedded with a milling cutter to penetrate the material, which is randomly pivoted to penetrate uniquely shaped workpieces and bolster the application rate of the plate.
  • Reduces Labor costs. Only one person operates multiple nesting CNC machines simultaneously or at varying rates, which greatly cuts the labor costs by a huge margin.
  • Reduces labor intensity. With its inbuilt automatic loading and unloading functionality, the nesting CNC device simplifies work and reduces tasks of the workers in a factory-like setting.
  • High safety factor. Sometimes negligence from a CNC router operator leads to unnecessary injuries due to lesser attention devoted to working while using the items like the table saw. However, the inbuilt safety factor of the opener guarantees protection from any search accident or injury.
  • Efficient vacuuming effect. The nesting CNC machine is furnished with a dual-cylindrical vacuum cleaner, this facilitates cleaning by a whooping a 3-5 times higher than that of the common table saw.
  • Higher productivity. The nesting CNC machine embraces full automatic loading and unloading concurrently, and even handles workloads of 1.5 times that of ordinary manual opening. Finally, blue-collar workers’ involvement in nesting cnc machine processing, cuts labor intensity while boosting production efficiency.
  • Robust, balanced structure ensuring maximum stability. Specially-designed technologies to guarantee precision and rigidity. The heavy monolithic base guarantees solidity and absence of vibration, for consistent product quality over time.
  • The Gantry structure with the dual engine is designed to increase precision and reliability standards for the execution of machining operations.
  • Automatic lubrication is an option that ensures the continuous lubrication of the nesting cnc router machine’s main moving parts without the need for operator intervention.
  • The double Y-axis motorization supports high speeds and accelerations whilst ensuring high precision and quality. Higher motor power increases acceleration at3m/s2 and speeds 85m/min.
  • Loading and unloading systems are carried out simultaneously allowing the operator to remove completed components from the unloading station with the utmost safety whilst the nesting cnc router is already processing the next panel. Panel loading system with scissor lift and automatic panel alignment. The system’s ease of use ensures long term reliability.
  • The loading and unloading panels that automate and optimize the machining process with a footprint that is reduced by up to 40%.
  • CNC nesting router’s size is customizable depends on the customer’s panel size. We can build such as 1300*2500mm,1500*3000mm,2000*3000mm,2000*4000mm and so on

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How to Buy Nesting CNC Router?

  1. Enquiry. Feel free to tell us what material you want, what is your max working size and what product you want to do. Budget is also welcome.
  2. Free Quotation provided. We will send our quotation sheet with nesting cnc machine configuration, photos, videos and prices to you according to your request.
  3. Launch the order. Your company will arrange the deposit, and we start the nesting cnc router production from 3D design, nesting cnc machine body welding, machining, painting spare parts preparing, manufacture and inspection.
  4. Testing sample video and delivery. After our manufacture and inspection, we will make a final video of the machine working to you. After the confirmation, the cnc nesting machine will be shipped by sea through my or your agent.
  5. After-sale service. We will provide a video teaching program to tell the customer how to use or install our nesting cnc router. And my service team will 7*24 hours online to answer customer questions.
  6. Feedback. We are expecting feedback from our customers. Please tell us how you feel about cnc nesting rotuer quality and service. If you have more ideas to help us improve, that will be very appreciated.

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