How Much Does a CNC Router Cost?

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routers are designed to cut, drill, machining, and rout a variety of materials such as wood, PVC, ABS board, acrylic board, plastics, rubber, marbles, steel, aluminum, copper and certain types of metal. They are automated machines that operate with incredible accuracy and speed. CNC routers are used in a variety of industries, including furniture design, circuit board manufacturing, and plastics manufacturing. They can be used to carve wood, create moldings, design craft items – or the can be used to high-tech manufacturing. 

Modern CNC routers are much more efficient than the hand tools of the past. They rely on CNC to tell the motors how far to move and where to cut. You’ll need an employee to set up the machine and tell it where to cut, but after that, the process is entirely automated. The employer can walk away until the work is finished.

But how much does a CNC Router cost? 

The answer depends entirely on how big of a bed you want, what options you want, what material you’re running, whether you have any interest in building your own, and your requirements for training. Actually it depends on the size or capacity of the machine, say for example you want to buy a vertical milling center ( VMC ) you have to decide what Is your working space. If you work mostly on smaller jobs than you will purchase a 1 meter * 0.8 meters * 0.5 meters ( x, y & z-axis ) and if you handle machining of bigger jobs you will look for 2 meter or 5 meters bed so as to fit your job of the machine.

As the size of the machine bed increases the cost of the machine increases.

Another factor that affects the price tremendously is the brand of the machine so suppose you buy an Indian you want that level of precision & accuracy which costs very cheap but if precision is what matters you are better off with Haas or any such  Italy, Germany, USA or China brand which can cost a little higher.

It’s also important to take into account the machine shop rate set by the company you use for your CNC. In order to do this, it’s worth getting a quote from a few different companies.

The CNC machine cost can vary a lot depending on what you’re using it for. It’s worth looking at the overall budget for your project before putting an order in.

There are several facets of CNC pricing you need to think about. For example, project planning means that you’re spending money on the project before it’s even begun. And the basic cost of materials that you use also needs to be in your budget.

You also need to think about:

  • The specific costs of your order
  • The cost of using different types of machines
  • Labor costs
  • Any additional completion costs

To understand more, let’s take a look at each of the things that affect CNC machine pricing.

Hobby CNC Routers (Between $600 and $4,000 each)

Most of the hobby CNC routers in the market come in kits, with most of them measuring from 12” by 12” to a 3’ by 6’.

Such units are suited for home business and hobbyists. Such units are often made of aluminum or wood and only have basic features to offer.

For instance, most feature a 3-axes system that is driven by stepper motors and ACME screws. Depending on the price point, the machine may come with a controller system.

If included, the controller system will increase the cost of the CNC router. With a hobby CNC router, you should expect tolerances of between 01” to .001” repeatable.

Depending on its size and capabilities, you should expect to spend between $600 and $4,000 per unit.

Standard CNC Router

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These are bigger than the hobby routers, measuring up to 4 by 8 feet. As such, they are only suited for light-duty applications. Although most of the low-end CNC routers are equipped with three axes, their Z-axis is often limited to six inches.

The cost of these machines mainly depends on the type of spindle, with most of them having a standard router spindle. Such a standard unit is priced at around $4,000.

The costlier low-end CNC routers are often equipped with industrial router spindles, delivering 3 to 6 HP. For such a router, you should expect to spend up to $25,000.

You should expect to pay more for one that has a dust collection system, a vacuum systemand other additional features.

Featuring a steel frame or aluminum construction, machines within this range have a full set of linear rails and bearing blocks. The tolerances may be anywhere from .01” to.001” repeatable.

High quality CNC Router Cost ($10,000 to $60,000 each)

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These feature a heavier construction, with a reinforced steel frame. The 3 axes system of the machine is often powered by a servo closed-loop system with rack and pinion or ball screws.

Units within this range often come with a CNC controller, duct collection system and an industrial-style style router spindle.

However, features like an automatic tool change spindle will inflate the purchase cost. The actual cost of CNC routers within this range mainly depends on the brand as well as the vendor you choose.

5-axis CNC MachineUSD30000 to USD200,000

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The cost of a 5 axis CNC machine can vary depending on the kind of machine, its capabilities, and where you source it from. However, here is a rough guide of CNC machine prices from a hobbyist-grade CNC router through to a multi-axis.

The cost of five axes CNC machine depends on too many factors, like X-Y-Z range, positional accuracy and repeatability, accessories, configuration, Spindle speed, etc.

If you want to buy a medium-sized machine of a decent international manufacturer like DMG Mori, GF+, Makino, Mazak, etc. 

It’s also important to take into account the machine shop rate set by the company you use for your CNC. In order to do this, it’s worth getting a quote from a few different companies.

You will find many similar machines by different manufacturers within this range that are priced differently. As with all equipment, it’s best to do your research and find something which suits your needs before going ahead with a purchase.

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