What You Should Know About CNC Router

Today’s CNC router machine is the epitome of high technology, focusing on providing high-quality, precise cutting and shaping customer needs. What You Should Know About CNC Router?

Whether your knowledge of CNC routers is limited, or you already have experience in using them and are seeking to develop more complex models, you may encounter questions when making some key decisions.

The following are some common questions about CNC engraving machines, mainly for those who want to start using a CNC router, we hope you can find the answers here.

What is The Best CNC Router for My Business? 

What Is A CNC Router Machine?

The CNC router machine is considered a commonly used tool in modern mechanical workshops, and its main purpose is to cut softer materials such as wood, plastic, acrylic, foam, and certain softer metals. It is usually installed on a fixed table with a large working space, which has a main shaft that moves along three axes (X, Y, and Z). Router planers usually have three axes, but there are 4-6 axis variations, which are very suitable for more complex projects.

CNC router machines have become popular in mechanical workshops, kitchen manufacturers, sign manufacturers, metal processing workshops, and many other companies. You will find these machines in the world’s largest manufacturing plants and garages of part-time hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

No matter where the CNC router is used, it will reduce waste, increase efficiency, and allow its owners to create things they thought were impossible years ago.

CNC Router Machine Parts

The basic composition of the engraving machine: bed mechanism, spindle motor, transmission mode, control system, driver, step/servo motor, guide rail, frequency converter, pump, dust collector, etc. We hope to be helpful to those who want to know about CNC router machining centers. To learn more, you can go to our engraving machine accessories page to view.

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What Are The Factors That Affect The Engraving Process?

Machining is a relatively complex process, and there are many factors that affect it. The main points are as follows: machine tool characteristics, cutting tools, control systems, material characteristics, processing technology, auxiliary fixtures, and the surrounding environment.

Which Characteristics Of The Material Affect Processing?

The main factors affecting the engraving performance of the material are the material category, hardness, and toughness. The material category includes metallic materials and non-metallic materials. In general, the greater the hardness, the worse the processability, the greater the viscosity, the worse the processability. The more impurities, the worse the processability, the greater the hardness of the particles inside the material, and the worse the processability. A general standard is: the higher the carbon content, the worse the workability, the higher the alloy content, the worse the workability, the higher the content of non-metal elements, the better the workability (but the non-metal content in general materials is strictly controlled of).

Which Materials Are Suitable For Engraving Processing?

Non-metallic materials suitable for carving include organic glass, resin, wood, etc., and non-metallic materials not suitable for carving include natural marble and glass. Metal materials suitable for engraving include copper, aluminum, and mild steel with hardness less than HRC40. Metal materials not suitable for engraving include quenched steel.

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Which CNC Machine Is Best For Me?

Deciding which machine to buy depends on the machine you want to manufacture. The size, shape, and quantity of the parts you want to produce will help you choose the right machine.

Remember that the physical size of the worktable controls the working area on the CNC router machine, minus any space you need to clamp, dust collection, etc.

Also, think about the future: will you branch to a larger project at some point? If you think you need to process the entire paper at some point, you need a CNC router machine with a 4’x 8’working area.

CNC router machines come in various sizes and price ranges, so please consider what you are going to manufacture and how much you can afford. CNC machine tools may meet your needs and fit your budget!

The Advantages Of Buying A CNC Router Abroad:

Buying CNC router machines overseas is a very new experience, and the way is much superior.
There is no deadline before you can purchase CNC machines for benefits. However, it is recommended to buy as soon as possible. Especially if you want to take full advantage of the functions of CNC machine tools. Plan to start the process at least one month before starting the business.

If you have done the research, you will find that the price of CNC routers is not cheap. Even second-hand CNC routers are expensive and may exceed your budget. However, CNC routers in China are much cheaper and can help you save one. Money. Although the money is less, the configuration has not changed. The CNC routers in China use well-known systems and accessories. Apart from the appearance, they are basically not much different from the local ones.

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With the globalization of technology and the economy, the Internet age has caused tremendous changes in information dissemination and communication. Especially in China, smart manufacturing can meet your requirements. You can buy CNC machine tools with the same configuration in your country/region at a very low price from China.

Actually, you may be wondering, if I buy locally, I will get good service and support for CNC machine tools. I have to say that manufacturers will not provide comprehensive services to distributors. Distributors usually provide services and support themselves. What service and support is there? You can conduct an on-site investigation yourself.

On the contrary, manufacturers from China will sell CNC machines with 24/7 service and support (online service, remote service, telephone support), door-to-door training and installation, and you can get full service from Chinese CNC machine manufacturers. Of course, many trading companies do not have any after-sales service and support. Therefore, when purchasing CNC machine tools, you should ensure that you can obtain comprehensive services from the seller.

Can You Make Money With A CNC Router?

The acquisition cost of CNC routers is usually thousands of dollars, so it is natural to hope to recoup some of your investment, or perhaps conduct business on this basis. But is it really possible to make money using CNC router machines? Yes, you can definitely use a CNC router machine to make money, so let us explain what you need for your first sale and beyond.

CNC routers have a broad market and development prospects. As long as you formulate appropriate strategies and make full use of existing resources, you will definitely gain a lot. The following are some suggestions on how to use a CNC router machine to make money, I hope to help you!

1. Become a CNC router agent or distributor
2. Outsource your CNC router production
3. Sell CNC router machine project

For more detailed suggestions, click to view: How to make money with CNC routers?

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CNC Routers Common Problems And Solutions

CNC routers are relatively common processing equipment, not only in the wood industry but also in the advertising industry and decoration industry. You can often see this CNC machine. As a modern technology product, failure is inevitable, but how to solve the failure is a headache. Many customers still don’t know much about the structure and performance of CNC router machines. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the common problems and solutions of CNC routers.

CNC Router Maintenance Checklist

If proper maintenance is performed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer or supplier, the CNC router machine will achieve its full potential for many years. The reason for downtime often has nothing to do with the design and construction of the router, but with the way the router is maintained.

For example, it may be caused by failure to ensure adequate lubrication of machine components or incorrect specifications of the routing spindle, both of which can cause problems and result in a shorter machine life than expected.

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For most CNC routers, maintenance is a relatively short process, and due to the structure of the machine, the operation only takes a few minutes for the operator. This technology combines automatic logs to provide machine updates on daily activities and remedial measures for any defects detected. This will reduce the possibility of unplanned downtime, especially during critical operations. Many more advanced CNC routers contain complete maintenance logs, covering daily, weekly, and monthly inspections. Learn more: CNC Router Maintenance.

How To Buy CNC Machine Tools Correctly?

What are the main criteria to consider when buying a CNC router machine? The following are some of the methods we have summarized for you, hoping to help you

1.Consider your desires

Before looking for a suitable supplier, please consider what you want to achieve with this machine. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the size of the workpiece to be processed?
  • What accuracy is required for the workpiece? Maybe more accurate in the long run?
  • What kind of engine power do I need for my hard/soft materials?
  • How hard is the material related to the torsional stiffness required by the CNC router machine?
  • How exactly is the selected CNC router machine suitable for my material/workpiece?
  • Will I need an additional axis in the future or should I handle larger parts? Push the artifact through?
  • Do I like to process infinitely high workpieces?

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2.The correct way to search for router machines

It is useful to collect as much information as possible. It can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Excellent official website
  • Customer reviews/customer recommendations (Google)
  • Comment comparison report (eg Precifast)
  • YouTube channel (many providers have good YouTube channels that show the latest products being used)

3. Find a well-known CNC router manufacturer

The key to finding a suitable supplier or manufacturer is the following things to consider:

  • Do I provide free no-obligation consultation?
  • Does the supplied machine have a valid EMC test and CE declaration?
  • Is it possible for a free screening to help me make a purchase decision?
  • Will I have clear and understandable support before and after-sale?
  • Is there even free support after sales?
  • Do I have a contact person?
  • Is the machine made of high-quality parts?

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If you include these points in your personal choice, it will be easier to find a CNC router machine supplier that meets your wishes before purchase (especially after purchase), which will be a reliable and competent help! If you want to know more about the buying guide, you can read this article: What is a CNC Router? (Buying Guide), there is a more detailed introduction.

How To Buy A CNC Router From FORSUN CNC?

  • Consultation: After receiving your request (such as the material you want to engrave, the maximum size of the material, we will recommend the most suitable CNC router machine to you.
  • Quotation: We will provide you with a detailed quotation based on the CNC router machine consulted, with high quality and affordable CNC router machine prices.
  • Process evaluation: Both parties carefully evaluate and discuss all the details of the order to eliminate any misunderstandings.
  • Place an order: No doubt, we will send you Pl (proforma invoice), and then we will sign a contract with you.
  • Production: We will arrange the production immediately after receiving your signed sales contract and deposit. The latest news about production will be updated during the production process and the buyer will be notified.
  • Inspection: The entire production process will be subject to regular inspections and strict quality control. Complete CNC router machines will be tested to ensure that they work well before they leave the factory.
  • Delivery: After the buyer confirms, we will arrange delivery according to the terms in the contract.
  • Customs clearance: We will provide all necessary shipping documents and deliver them to the buyer, and ensure smooth customs clearance.
  • Support and service: We will provide round-the-clock professional technical support via phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp.

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