CNC Router Maintenance Checklist

CNC routers may last up to 20 years if they get proper maintenance according to CNC router manufacturer’s maintenance protocols. The lack of proper maintenance may significantly reduce their potential lifespan.

Preventive CNC Router Maintenance Checklist

1. The woodworking engraving machine in use must be connected to the rated voltage of the power supply. The engraving machine parts and high voltage lines must not be replaced without authorization.

2. If the object is mistakenly thrown into the engraving machine, it should be cleaned in time after engraving to avoid unnecessary occurrence. Regularly add lubricating oil to the guide rails, racks, etc. It must be strictly in accordance with the training instructions. The size of the processed product should not exceed the Engraving range of the engraving machine.

3. When carving different materials, choose different tools to adapt to the engraving speed of the engraving material.

4. It is strictly forbidden to install and debug the engraving machines in thunderstorm weather.

5. If there is any abnormality such as smoke, odor or noise during the use of a woodworking engraving machine, please stop using it immediately.

6. Check the storage of the coolant in the cooling of the motor shaft before use, and start the cooling of the spindle of the motor to ensure the circulation of the coolant is normal. Open the positive pressure seal to avoid machining waste liquid, coolant, etc. into the motor spindle bearing.

7. The card loading materials must be firm, and must follow the principle of “packing, loading, and flattening”. It is strictly forbidden to engrave in places where materials are suspended.

8. When loading the tool, first clean the dust and debris in the chuck, put the chuck into the pressure cap and put it in the positive direction, then put it on the motor spindle and insert the cutter into the chuck, and finally resell it. Squeeze the cap. When the upper and lower knives are loosely pressed, it is strictly prohibited to use the push-pull method and the rotation method is required. When cutting the knife, first clean the pressure cap and turn the waste, loosen the pressure cap and take off the cutter and then unscrew the pressure cap to take out the chuck.

9. When loading the tool, the length of the tool exposed to the chuck must be determined by referring to the engraving depth file and the fixture. When the condition is satisfied, the length of the exposed chuck is as short as possible. When the total length of the cutter is less than 22 mm, it is strictly prohibited to continue using it.

10. When loading the tool, the length of the shank into the chuck must be greater than 18mm. 6. If the cutting fluid is used during machining, it must be rushed to the tool.

11. During the engraving process, close observation is strictly forbidden to prevent chips from flying into the eyes. To observe the engraving, turn off the motor spindle and make sure the motor spindle is no longer rotating. During the engraving process, it is strictly forbidden to touch the cutting surface by hand. It is forbidden to wipe the working surface with cotton thread.

12. It is strictly forbidden to place any items on the machine table or beam; it is strictly forbidden to be supported on the machine bed of the beam and the protective cover; the body is prohibited from leaning against the machine bed.

13. It is strictly forbidden to strike, hit the motor spindle, and it is forbidden to knock when unloading the knife. 14. It is forbidden to use the machine in overheated or undercooled conditions.

15. The engraving machine is light processing equipment. The sum of the fixture, workpiece weight, and machining waste should not exceed the rated load of the machine.

16. Before the engraving, the size of the used tool should be carefully checked to see if the performance meets the processing and programming requirements. Thirteen, carefully check whether the tool path is correct before processing.

17. Before starting the machining, be sure to confirm that the starting point (working origin) of each axis is correct. Fifteen, the motor spindle must be rested for 2 hours every day.

18. It is strictly forbidden to plug-in wires, boards, and electrical components; when processing flammable materials such as organic materials, effective fire prevention measures should be taken at the worksite. Seventeen, 10 minutes before work every day, the machine tool lubrication and scrub cleaning machine. Confirm that the machine stops, stop the machine at the specified position, turn off the power, and confirm that all switches have been disconnected before leaving.

19. How to maintain idle CNC routers?

Improve the utilization rate of the numerical control system and reduce the failure of the numerical control system. The numerical control machine tool should be used at full load, instead of being idle for a long time. For some reason, when the numerical control system is idle for a long time, in order to avoid damage to the numerical control system, the following two points should be noted.

  • It is necessary to energize the CNC system frequently, especially in the rainy season with high ambient humidity. When the machine is locked, the servo system is running empty. The heat of the electrical components itself is used to dissipate the moisture in the numerical control system, and the performance of the electronic device is ensured to be stable and reliable. It has been proved that in areas with high air humidity, the frequent power supply is an effective measure to reduce the failure rate.
  • CNC machine tools adopt DC feed servo drive and DC spindle servo drive, the brush should be taken out from the DC motor to avoid corrosion of the commutator surface due to chemical corrosion, resulting in deterioration of commutation performance, even the whole set The motor is damaged.
  • When the servo motor of the engraving machine does not rotate, let the numerical control system run empty, and use the heat of the electrical components to dissipate the moisture in the numerical control system to ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electronic device. The practice has proved that in areas with high air humidity, the frequent power supply is an effective measure to reduce the failure rate.
  • The appearance of steel parts, such as ball screws, hardened steel raceways for rolling guides, and the appearance of steel fasteners, should be rubbed with cloth or cotton butter every few days. In other parts, it should be investigated frequently whether there is weak rust if it is applied with cloth oil, and as a future anti-rust point

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