How to Make Money with CNC Routers?

Over the past few years, CNC router machines have been an absolute necessity in the manufacturing sector. They successfully replaced manual machines across various industrial sectors. CNC routers help manufacturers save labor and improve work efficiency, so they have been the most popular machines all over the world, and widely used to cut and carve wood, metal, plastic, stone, foam, and so on.

As you can see, CNC Router has a broad market and development prospects, as long as you develop appropriate strategies and make full use of existing resources, you will definitely be able to reap a lot. Here are some suggestions on how to make money with CNC router machines, I hope it can help you!

 1. To be a CNC Router Agent or Distributor 

You find that there is a great demand for CNC engraving machines and maybe it‘s time to sell CNC routers to make money. Fine, then why don’t you become an agent or distributor of some famous CNC Router brands?

You can contact some famous brands of CNC Router manufacturers to become their regional agents to make your own profits.

Some well-known brands generally have higher requirements for agents, such as business licenses and sufficient working capital. If you meet the conditions of the brand, and there is no other agent for the brand in your intended sales area, then you can successfully become an agent for the brand. Although the procedures for well-known brand agents are cumbersome and demanding, selling these relatively well-known CNC routers are easier than unknow brands. You only need to formulate a suitable sales strategy, I believe that you can make achievements.

But being an agent is not an easy task, you need to prepare for a detailed investigation in advance.

a. Learn more about the company and its products: Know the company’s development prospects and strength, product quality and customer historical reviews, after-sale services, etc. Use this to judge the commercial value of the company’s products, as well as the expected benefits of yourself. At the same time, you need to assess whether your company’s strength is sufficient to match the brand’s products. Analyze your company’s advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other companies, strive to maximize its advantages, and make up for the shortcomings. In the end, we can screen out powerful companies and cost-effective products, and strive to provide customers with the best products and services, while earning considerable profits.

b. If you want to be a good product agency, it is not enough to only have a detailed understanding of the product and the company. You also need to have a strong sales ability. There are many merchants of CNC Router. Why do others want to buy your products instead of others? At this time, your sales ability plays an important role in this course. In the process of selling products, you need to establish a good relationship with customers to promote business development, master questioning and listening skills, accurately understand customer needs, and gain customer trust.

Master negotiation and sales skills to maximize sales opportunities. Let customers fully understand the products and analyze what benefits their products can bring to the customer. For example, 4 Axis CNC Router by FORSUN is more powerful and can be applied to the processing of various shapes, with wider application range, higher safety factor, and more thoughtful service and so forth.

Develop online and offline sales channels and formulate corresponding sales strategies for different regions and different groups of people. Let customers fully trust our products and generate a strong desire to buy. At the same time provide preferential prices to target customers.

  • Conduct in-depth market research on the target agency area. Understand the market demand for CNC Router in this region. For example, if the demand for CNC Wood Router in this region is far more than other types, so when promoting products in this field, you can devote most or all of your time and energy to making out best sales scheme of that type. Fully understand the expectations and suggestions of consumers on CNC Router, so as to formulate a better reasonable and effective sales plan, which both satisfies customers’ needs and your own benefits.
  • Understand the competitive situation of the CNC Router in this targeted area. Gathering information about competitors, the more the better, as the old Chinese saying goes: “know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat”. By learning the advantages of competitors, you can better find your shortcomings by comparison and further improve them.

c. After completing the basic preparations, discuss cooperation with the selected brand. Negotiate specific agency thresholds, supply discounts, product commissions, sales price limits by manufacturers, return and exchange policies, store opening financial support, and so on. Different brands have different policies and you need to decide in accordance with actual conditions.

These steps are indispensable in the process of brand selection. They can help you select the right brand and cost-effective products, protect the rights of consumers, and ensure that you are profitable.

 2. Outsourcing Your CNC Router Production 

CNC Router factory

If you have your own brand or plan to develop your own brand, then one of the more profitable ways is to outsource the production of CNC routers, especially in the case of higher labor costs in your country. For example, you can choose to outsource non-core businesses to India, China, etc. They have excellent labor, low wages, and high-quality production. This can not only ensure product quality, but also reduce production costs, speed up capital circulation, and earn more profits for your company.

Actively develop some well-made manufacturers, and cooperate with them to add their products to our own brands and expand production channels. However, these manufacturers must undergo rigorous screening, and the quality must meet or exceed current product standards, balancing quantity, and product quality. We cannot simply pursue profitability and ignore the rights and interests of consumers. Because when running a business, customer trust is one of the important magic weapons to win.

 3. Selling CNC Router Projects 

Use existing CNC Router machines to develop related businesses and make finished products for sale.

For example, if you are mainly engaged in CNC Wood Router Machine, then you can use the existing machine to make the following finished products:

  • Furniture, such as closets, wardrobes, cabinets, and other wooden furniture. Judging from the existing market conditions, all cabinet and furniture manufacturers can benefit from CNC Wood Router Machine. The traditional woodworkers’ occasional reading in terms of processing speed and accuracy cannot meet the growing demands of the woodworking industry. CNC Wood Router machine is more efficient. At the same time, the product also has high flexibility and can be customized and produced according to the actual needs of different consumer classes.
  • Musical instruments. Nowadays, more and more musical instrument manufacturers combine ancient craftsmanship with modern CNC Router speed and precision to achieve the ideal visual effect. After practical tests, CNC Wood Router is undoubtedly the ideal machine for making musical instruments. It can shorten the manufacturing time, simplify the entire process, and have high processing accuracy.
  • Architectural woodwork. Architectural woodwork requests high precision and advanced performance. CNC machines are specially designed for machining the material for architectural use, such as aluminum composite, metal composite, wooden materials for Architectural projects. CNC Wood Router is highly efficient and ingenious in detail. It can satisfy the increasing demands of people in modern society.
  • Wood Arts and Crafts
  • Stone projects. If you are engaged in the stone industry, then the stone engraving machine will be your best choice. The stone engraving machine is a professional CNC Router for stone processing. This kind of CNC machine is mainly used in the stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, art relief, advertising, decoration industry, ceramic, inscriptions, garden engineering, large-scale sculptures, handicraft carvings, home improvement, film, and other industries.

Our stone cutting machine possesses many advantages, such as fast speed, high precision, strong stability, low noise, and long service life, etc. It can correct the concave, convex, and uneven slope of any stone surface. The software automatically generates a new program based on the floating of the stone surface, which conforms to the surface characteristics of the stone.

Adopting a high-power drive system coordinated with the spindle’s stable engraving, it has the features of greater torque force, smoother operation, precise and powerful cutting point. And Y-axis uses the dual-motor synchronous drive, it has the features of strong power, high stability, and can realize the process of 70mm Granite thickness. It is widely used in the Stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, art relief, advertising, decoration and decoration industry, ceramic industry.

Ok, the above are a few ways that I think of how to use the CNC Router to make money.
Before making a decision, be sure to make full preparations based on your own actual situation. Besides these money-making schemes, in addition, you need to continue to learn specialized knowledge of CNC Router, be familiar with changes in market conditions, keep pace with the times, and constantly adjust and optimize your strategies according to the market situation. Continuously develop CNC products with development prospects and great commercial value.

If you want to utilize CNC Router products as a career, I hope this article will help you. If anything is wrong, please correct me.

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