Should I Buy A New Or Used CNC Router?

Buying a used CNC router is a gamble, you need to evaluate its reliability and future maintenance costs. Generally speaking, the used CNC router is cheap, but its subsequent processing performance, remaining service life, and maintenance cost are uncertain. The new CNC routers are more reliable, more powerful, and have a longer lifespan, but their prices may exceed your limited budget.

Different buyers will decide whether to buy used machines or new ones. When you need to buy a CNC router, there is no easy answer, because it depends on your production needs, budget, and time.

What is The Best CNC Router for My Business? 

FORSUN CNC has compiled a list of key factors that should be considered when purchasing, to help users who want to purchase engraving machines make better choices.

Should I buy a new or used CNC router?

Your production needs

  • Beginner: If you only need machine tools as a hobby, you do not need an advanced CNC router machine. A miniature CNC router that can meet your needs. The new mini CNC routers are cheap, so you can buy new or used machines. Both are cheap and affordable.
  • Craftsmen and experts Some craftsmen or woodworking experts need CNC engraving machines to make a living or earn extra money. If you are one of them, it is better to buy a new machine that is more reliable and profitable. The new CNC machine tools can be customized according to your processing needs. With a 4-axis CNC router machine, 5-axis machining center, and ATC CNC router machine, it can process complex 3D parts and produce high-quality products. Many users have successfully used their machines for furniture processing, billboard production, or other businesses, and have obtained many benefits.
  • Large business owners: Large business owners also need new CNC router machines to develop their business and increase productivity. The new CNC machine tools are more suitable for mass production and can meet your machining needs with high efficiency and high precision. In addition, the new machine has almost no failures during processing and greatly reduces maintenance costs. I do not recommend that you buy a second-hand CNC router, because it usually takes a long time to maintain or repair.

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Your budget plan

  • Limited budget: Some users have limited budgets, so it is difficult to purchase a new CNC router machine. Your choice is not always correct. The price of CNC machine tools is determined by the parts. Some parts are imported from famous foreign manufacturers, and the price of the whole machine is very high. Some replacement parts have good performance and reasonable prices. If you need to make a living on a CNC router, you can also buy a new CNC router. Usually, when the budget is limited, you can buy a second-hand CNC router or buy a new machine, but if you are worried about future maintenance costs, you’d better buy a new CNC router.
  • Sufficient budget: If the budget is sufficient, the new CNC engraving machine will be a good choice. The use of new machines can avoid many maintenance problems in the post-processing process. New CNC engraving machines usually have a quality guarantee period, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the machine.

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Your time

  • Within a limited time: If you need to use the router machine as soon as possible, please do not buy a second-hand CNC router machine. Unless you are very professional about it, it will take a lot of time and effort to check the operation and quality of this machine. Buying a new CNC router is more reliable and faster. The manufacturer can provide thoughtful service and meet your needs.
  • Ample time: If you have enough time to buy a machine, you can choose according to your needs. Remember, if you want to buy a second-hand CNC router, please check the machine settings carefully.

What do you want to use a CNC router machine for?

The main difference between the new and old CNC router machines is the customization options and controller performance. Old CNC routers are likely to require a lot of software and controller updates to be compared with new machines. However, if the old machine you are using fully meets your needs and meets the latest requirements in other ways, the price difference may justify the purchase.

How urgently do you need CNC router?

If you need a critical machine, it might make more sense to buy a new machine. Newer machines are easy to find, and they usually don’t require much effort to set up. However, to find the right second-hand CNC router machinery at the right price and relatively good conditions to complete this work, usually, a lot of research is needed.

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What is the skill level of your employees?

Generally speaking, newer CNC routers have more sophisticated software that is easy to use and can produce consistent cutting quality. Older CNC routers may require more training because the software may not be powerful enough. This largely depends on the specific CNC router machine you are considering or planning to purchase.

Will you link CNC router tools to an existing network in your shop?

Older CNC routers are more difficult to connect to the workflow in your workshop because of compatibility issues. If the machine you need to buy can run independently, then you don’t need to worry. Although, depending on the function of the machine, it is best to consider machines that can quickly and easily join your store network.

What is your budget?

For second-hand machines, you want to find new models with less use time. Usually, you will spend about $70,000 to $90,000 for a decent second-hand model. You can certainly pay much less than this, but as the price decreases, the quality of the machine will also decrease.

The price of the new machine is approximate $100,000-$300,000.

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Do you have time to figure out the CNC router by yourself?

Before buying a second-hand machine, consider the support that may come with it. Is there a learning curve and will it be difficult for you to get support? Unless you are supported by the company or manufacturer you bought, you have to do many settings, upgrades, and training on a second-hand computer.

Do you have the time?

Compared with second-hand machinery, new machinery can provide strong support and services. You will most likely get up and running faster and more efficiently.

What makes sense to you?

When buying new or second-hand equipment, there is no right or wrong way. What may be applicable in one store may not be applicable in another store. Be sure to step back and analyze the best method for your business in order to make the most money!

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New CNC router machine buying guide

  • Choose a suitable CNC Router model with an ideal working size.
  • Choose the Right Type of Spindle.
  • Get to Know More about the Transmission.
  • Know the Servo Motor and Stepper Motor.

More magnetic poles can improve accuracy and precision without any position feedback. Naturally, this makes the accuracy of the stepper motor much easier. Stepper motors are cheaper and easier to find. Servo motors usually require a position encoder to perform this operation. Although not so common, the advantage of servo motors is that they provide twice the rated torque over a period of time, usually with higher efficiency. Which Is Better, Stepper VS Server Motors?

  • Choose a suitable Operating System.
  • Choose the appropriate software.
  • The price budget.

There are many factors that affect the price of CNC router machines. But the main factor comes from the machine itself, including its specifications, configuration, type of processing materials, and brand or manufacturing country.

In addition to the above-mentioned factors related to the CNC router itself, the total cost of the machine will also depend on other factors. Including additional costs incurred when you buy a CNC router, such as software costs, shipping costs, training costs, labor costs, etc.

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You’d better figure out whether you need items before you buy, especially for cheap CNC machine tools. Because most CNC router machines can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to choose a reasonably priced CNC router according to your budget and CNC router project.

Forsun CNC has a variety of CNC routers available. Each machine is designed for a specific range of functions, and the price ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. If you are interested, you can consult us for free, and we will recommend a suitable machine for you. How Much Does a CNC Router Cost?

  • Learn to check the quality of the CNC router.
  • Pay attention to the “After-sales service”.
  1. FORSUN CNC will provide English training videos and user manuals for installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of CNC machine tools, and provide technical guidance via desktop remote, email, phone, mobile, Whatsapp, Skype, 24/7 online when you encounter When you have problems with installation, operation or adjustment, you can chat and so on.
  2. You can come to our CNC machine tool factory for training. We will provide professional guidance. Direct and effective face-to-face training. Here, we assembled equipment, various tools, and test equipment. Training time: 3~5 days (recommended)
  3. After the warranty period, the purchaser only needs to pay the actual maintenance fee.
  4. Certificate support: CE, FDA, SGS.

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Used CNC router machine buying guide

If you decide to buy a used machine, it is important for you to check certain aspects of the machine.

Determine your production needs

Before purchasing a second-hand CNC machine, please determine the type of woodworking production requirements the router will perform. If your productivity is increasing, it is wise to buy a model that has more capacity than your current needs. However, if your productivity is consistent, purchasing a model that meets but does not exceed it will provide the best value.

Only buy from professional sellers

Hobbyists who are not familiar with woodworking technology often sell second-hand woodworking machinery. For example, it is not uncommon to buy machines at auctions and resell them without inspection or maintenance. Buying these machines is a gamble, especially when they cost thousands of dollars and are vital to your operations.

The best way to avoid amateur sellers is to buy products from companies that specialize in second-hand woodworking machinery.

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Check the seller’s reputation

Used CNC machine tools are complex woodworking machines and need to be carefully inspected before resale. Therefore, as with other companies, approaching the seller-checking its reputation in the Better Business Bureau (BBB)-is the best agreement. If the seller has a high evaluation of the letter and has a history of resolving customer complaints, then you can be confident about buying from them. For more peace of mind, you can ask for references from customers who bought machines in the past year.

Request a copy of router maintenance records

Nothing can predict the life of woodworking machines better than maintenance records. If the maintenance record of the CNC router is spotless, it can be regarded as a sign that its computer and motors are in a reliable state. Incomplete or non-existent CNC router records should be avoided at all costs.

Perform the first-hand inspection

Inspect the router yourself to ensure that it is in the same condition as the photo. If you buy online and can’t get to the seller’s destination, then having a trusted third party perform the check is the best option.

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In short, I hope you can buy a second-hand CNC router or a new CNC router according to the production needs, budget, and time of choosing the machine. In my opinion, buying a new machine is more reliable. It can guarantee the processing quality and performance of the machine.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the business field and have been perfecting our skills and tools. Buying a CNC router machine is an important decision. FORSUN CNC can help you do this with confidence. Before buying, you can consult us for free, and we will recommend the most suitable CNC router machine for you.

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