Which Is Better, Stepper VS Servo Motors

Which is better, stepper vs servo motors? when powering a CNC machine tool, the heart and soul of the machine tool depend on the motor. The speed, accuracy, and precision of the CNC router machine all depend on the size and type of the motor. The two main categories of motors used in CNC machines are stepper motors and servo motors.

Stepper motors versus servo motors are a very popular topic, and you will find excellent arguments for these two systems. In fact, if the CNC machine tool is designed correctly, both types of motors can work well.

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Stepper Motors VS Servo Motors

  • Cost

The prices of both CNC motors are very reasonable, but the price of stepper motors is usually lower. Even if the servo motor and the stepper motor have the same rated power, the price of the stepper motor is usually lower. Stepper motors are easier to find, so they have more features.

  • Versatility

Stepper motors are incredibly versatile, which makes them very popular among hobbyists and industrial applications. Stepper motors can be found in thousands of products from personal computers to automobiles.

  • Reliability

The reason why stepper motors are more reliable than servos is that stepper motors do not require encoders. Servo motors are also very reliable, but they require an encoder that is known to fail.

  • Noise

The noise generated by the servo motor is very small. Due to the control process, the stepper motor will produce a slight buzzing sound. However, high-quality drivers will reduce the noise level.

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  • Effectiveness

The servo motor is very efficient. Under light load conditions, the efficiency can reach 80-90%. Stepper motors consume a lot of power to output, a large part of which is converted into heat. The efficiency of a stepper motor is usually about 70%. This is also a great feature to help you decide which one to choose.

  • Motor design

In general, the design of servo motors is more complicated due to internal parts and encoders. Stepper motors are easy to use and easy to understand, thus winning the field of motor design.

  • Motor life

The brushes on the servo motor must be replaced every 2000 hours of operation; in addition, the encoder may need to be replaced. The bearing on the stepper motor is the only vulnerable part, which slightly reduces the service life of the stepper motor.

To sum up

It is useless to argue about which is better, stepper or servo, because which one to choose depends on the client’s budget and the work he is going to do through the CNC router. When customers purchase CNC woodworking engraving machines, they can also choose the corresponding motor configuration according to their own needs. This will not only meet the processing requirements but also save costs.

Have questions about choosing to use servo and stepper motors?  Contact us so that you can find the right motor and find the right CNC machine. You just need to tell us your budget and completed work, and we will help you get the correct configuration of the CNC router.

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