How To Choose The CNC Router Work Table?

Generally, there are three types of CNC router tables. Aluminum T-slot CNC router machine table, full vacuum CNC router machine table, and T-slot vacuum table. So which one is the most suitable CNC router machine table for you? How to distinguish them? Let us look at the wooden cnc router table design. The following is the introduction of three types of cnc wooden tables.

What Is The Best CNC Router for My Business? 

What is a T-slot work table?

The T-slot contour fixed table is a way to fix the workpiece on the table by manually tightening the screws. The profile table is an aluminum profile with a T-slot at the bottom and a layer of PVC material on the top. Then use a splint to fix the workpiece to be engraved on the worktable so that it can be fixed arbitrarily according to the size and thickness of the workpiece.

T-slot table
T-slot work table
  • Advantages:

It has the characteristics of low cost, flexible method, cost-saving, and the price is lower than the price of the vacuum table.

  • Disadvantages:

The aluminum T-slot workbench takes longer to fix the workpiece. Workers need to tighten the screws. The entire process of fixing the workpiece takes about a few minutes. Therefore, it is labor-intensive and the production efficiency is low.

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  • Application:

Suitable for workpieces with irregular shapes, difficult to fix, or workpieces with non-absorbable materials (such as copper and aluminum). When processing technology, especially embossing, hollowing, cutting and other processing technologies, the aluminum T-slot workbench is the best choice for users.

Since the engraving time of the relief pattern is relatively long, there is no need to worry about the few minutes of manual fixing on the splint, and the vacuum pump cannot absorb the hollow relief cutting and other processes.

The woodworking engraving machine of the profile fixed table is suitable for embossing handicrafts, hollow partitions, screens, and other home decorations, advertising industry PVC, acrylic, two-color board cutting, and engraving, etc.

  • CNC Router with T-slot table

What is a vacuum table?

The vacuum suction table means that the table of the engraving machine is vacuum suction. The function of vacuum adsorption is to put the workpiece on the worktable, turn on the vacuum pump, open the control valve, and directly suck the workpiece onto the worktable without clamping it with a clamp. At this time, the engraving machine starts to work, and the entire loading and unloading process does not exceed ten seconds, with high efficiency and fast speed. It is very suitable for the line carving of wooden doors and panel furniture.

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The vacuum workbench can be divided into four, six, or eight areas. In this way, the adsorption function can be further enhanced. Now, the vacuum table with 6 zones is the most popular. We can also design the area according to customer needs. You only need to open the valve next to the vacuum table to perform the corresponding work in this area.

vacuum table for wood router
  • Advantages:

It is convenient to fix, saves fixation time, and improves efficiency. The actual specific operation is: Lay a thin Aosong board on the workbench and seal it to ensure that there is no air leakage and the workpiece is fixed and flat.

  • Disadvantages:

Not leaking! Hollowing is not suitable. Special-shaped plates are also not applicable. Too thin is not suitable, it will be recessed when sucked. If it is too thick, it cannot be used.

  • Application:

  1. Woodworking industry: all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screen windows, craft fan windows, corrugated board processing, and wood processing of other furniture.
  2. Advertising industry: advertising signs, sign production, advertising material cutting, blister molding, LED neon light production, and other materials for the production of advertising decoration products.
  3. Handicraft industry: carving various exquisite patterns and characters on wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, two-color board, crystal, and other materials.

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Line carving, modeling, grooving, and cutting of wooden doors and panel furniture. The wire engraving and cutting processing time of wooden doors or panel furniture is high-speed and can be processed in about a few minutes. If an aluminum T-slot workbench is used, it takes a few minutes for workers to fix the circuit board, which is not a good choice. However, using a CNC router machine vacuum table, it only takes ten seconds to set up the workpiece. From an efficiency point of view, line carving and panel furniture cutting are more suitable to choose CNC router machine vacuum table.

  • CNC Router with vacuum table

  • Vacuum Pump 

The vacuum adsorption workbench is connected by a pipeline under the surface of the CNC woodworking machine by using a vacuum pump. On the mechanical workbench, the whole surface has multiple adsorptions. When the wooden board is placed on the workbench, the wooden board is firmly attached to the work by the negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump.

Although there are many types of vacuum pumps, the ability, and quality of fixing workpieces are also different. According to different cooling methods, vacuum pumps can be divided into water-cooled vacuum pumps and air-cooled vacuum pumps.

The water-cooled vacuum pump is cooled by circulating water with a good heat dissipation effect and high comprehensive cost performance. Compared with water-cooled vacuum pumps, air-cooled vacuum pumps produce louder noise and are simple and convenient to use. The vacuum adsorption effect of the CNC router planer is related to the power of the vacuum pump.

What power should I choose for vacuum tables of CNC router machines of different sizes?

Size of CNC Router Vacuum Table Vacuum Pump Power
1300x1300mm (4x4ft) 2.2KW
1300x2500mm(4x8ft) 5.5KW
1500x3000mm(4x8ft) 7.5KW
2000x3000mm(4x8ft) 7.5KW
2000x4000mm(4x8ft) 5.5kw X 2 sets
2000x6000mm 7.5kw X 2 sets

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  • FAQ

Analysis of the reason for the weak suction of the vacuum table of the CNC router machine. Due to the reduced sealing of the vacuum tube, the weak suction of the vacuum table of the CNC router machine may cause air leakage. If you find such problems, you can try the following solutions:

  • Check the valve connection of the vacuum pipeline to see if there is any leakage;
  • Please check the CNC router vacuum meter to see if the CNC router vacuum meter is uneven;
  • You can check whether the voltage of the motor circuit is normal, and change the direction of motor rotation;
  • If the vacuum pump used by the machine is a water circulation vacuum pump, please check whether the water in the pump is too little,
  • Check whether the motor of the vacuum pump is stuck or rusted. If so, please remove the rotating shaft of the motor fan guard.
  • Check the filter plugin for the vacuum pump and clean the filter plug-in time.
  • Add a thin density board between the vacuum table of the CNC router machine and the workpiece.

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What is a T-slot vacuum table?

The aluminum T-slot table and the CNC router machine vacuum table have their own advantages, and we can’t simply say which one is better. From the point of view of the speed of fixing the workpiece, the CNC Router vacuum table is of course faster, only a little more than ten seconds, and it takes a few minutes to fix the work more efficiently than the aluminum T-slot table. However, certain materials and processing techniques are not suitable for CNC Router vacuum tables. Therefore, the desktop of the CNC router machine should be selected according to the workpiece material and processing technology.

If your processing materials need to be used, there are two work surfaces, an aluminum T-slot table, and a CNC router machine vacuum table. Don’t worry, FORSUN has upgraded the traditional CNC router machine vacuum table and added it to the CNC router machine vacuum table. Aluminum T-slot profile, so the workbench has the advantages of both vacuum and T-slot.

vacuum table & T-slot
T-slot & vacuum table

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  • Advantages

Our machine adopts a vacuum and T-slot dual-purpose workbench, which can use clamps to fix small-scale materials, which can save the power of the vacuum pump, and vacuum adsorption can also be used to fix large-scale materials. Open the vacuum valve and directly fix the engraving board, which has the advantages of convenient loading and unloading, saving time, high efficiency, and fast speed. Suitable for wooden door processing and large-scale panel carving. If you need to cut small parts and letters, or workpieces with many holes, or thin and soft materials, you can fix a cnc presser foot on the spindle, which is a very useful tool. Therefore, the processing is convenient, simple, and efficient.

  • Disadvantages:

The installation requirements of the table are high, and the cost is high, which will have a certain impact on the adsorption capacity.

  • CNC Router with T-slot vacuum table

To sum up

The aluminum T-slot work table is more economical and is suitable for hollowing, embossing, and engraving of 3D materials.

The full vacuum table is more efficient and is suitable for cutting and engraving large flat panels of panel furniture.

The T-slot vacuum CNC table has a more flexible fixing method, which is suitable for processing irregularly shaped workpieces.

The CNC router machine table is as important as the CNC router machine, mainly because all high-precision and high-precision cutting are performed here. When choosing a CNC router machine table, please choose a suitable router machine table according to your processing needs.

If you are not sure whether you should choose a T-slot or a vacuum table, you can contact us, and we will recommend the most suitable table for your work according to your needs.

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