Forsun CNC Machines Holiday Maintenance Instructions

To keep the parts of the CNC machines always in good condition, it is very important to insist on regular maintenance. Especially what should customers do before and after the holiday, and what kind of maintenance should be done on the engraving machine in use? In order not to affect your normal work after the holiday, customers are requested to do the equipment maintenance work before the holiday:

CNC machines maintenance preparation before the holiday:

  • The chassis

Cut off the power supply of the distribution box, use a vacuum cleaner (note: household vacuum cleaner) to clean the dust in the distribution cabinet (note: do not blow directly with an air gun, raising the dust will cause poor contact of the electronic components), and place the cabinet dry after cleaning.

  • The Machine body

After cleaning the dust and impurities on the machine tool screw, rack, and guide rail with an air gun, use a brush to brush the rack and guide rail with lubricating oil (use machine tool guide oil ISO VG-32~68 mechanical oil, no butter), It has been ensured that there is oil on the guide rail and rack of each shaft (open the oiler on the machine to add oil to each lubricating block), and drain the water from the oil-water separator behind the bed.

Clean Machine body

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  • Row drill package

Air gun cleans up surface impurities. HSD CNC drilling gearbox and sawing unit need to be filled with lubricating oil from the lubricating nozzle: fill 5cm³, and the lubricating grease is KLUBER ISOFLEX TOPAS L32. FAM CNC drilling gearbox and sawing unit need to add KLUBER ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 grease to the grease nipple of the gearbox and sawing unit respectively for lubrication. The gearbox is filled with 10 cm³ and the sawing unit is filled with 2cm³.

vertical and horizonal block

  • Spindle and tool holder

The tool holder on the spindle should be removed, and the taper hole of the spindle should be wiped clean with a clean cloth. Check whether the handle is loose or not. Please tighten the nut first and loosen. Clean the spring clip and nut with an air gun. Wipe it with a clean cloth and apply a little oil to the handle, nut, and taper handle.

Baker and FORSUN dry pump users clean the filter element dust in the vacuum pump before the holiday and add 20g Amblygon TA15/2 grease.

becker vacuum pump

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  • Vacuum cleaner

Clean the dust and impurities in the dust suction port, and clean the sawdust in the cloth bag.

  • The equipment is covered

The equipment is well maintained. If possible, it can be covered with a plastic bag (machine tool cover) to prevent dust.

  • Before leaving the factory

Before leaving the factory, customers should ensure that all electrical equipment is always powered in, and the main air intake switch is turned off to avoid unnecessary troubles due to unmanned management during the holidays.

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Maintenance of smart connection:

  1. The main switch and sub-switch of the power supply of the connected equipment are in the off state, and the central control computer is packed in plastic bags to prevent moisture;
  2. The posture of each functional robot is in the original state of zero points, keeping the overall balance, and the suction cups are packed in plastic bags;
  3. The hanging curtains of each buffer warehouse are dropped to the lowest state to reduce the force;
  4. The computer of the edge banding machine is packed in plastic bags to prevent moisture. The glue pot is closed without glue leakage;
  5. Connect the internal dust removal (vacuum cleaner) of the central control cabinet of each unit, clean the air conditioner and fan filter, put a desiccant inside to prevent moisture, and close the cabinet door.
  6. Check the wear of the drumline belt, photoelectric fixing, and wiring, and reserve common accessories.

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CNC machines preparation for booting after the holiday:

After the festival, check the installation of the cable troughs and bridges to prevent the cables from being bitten by rats;

Dust and wipe all photoelectric switches before starting the device;

When you start work after the holiday, take an NC program and run the knife high for about 5 minutes, so that the machine has a break-in phase, don’t just start working.

After the holiday, check the drum line belt wear, photoelectric fixing and wiring, and reserve common accessories.

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Note: The above maintenance content and items are applicable to FORSUN CNC brand equipment.

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