Ultimate 4 Axis CNC Router Buyer’s Guide (2022)

The 4 axis CNC Router has the advantages of complete functions, wide processing range, high processing accuracy. More and more users choose the 4 axis CNC Router machines for 3D Wood carving. If you have similar three-dimensional workpieces, this CNC Wood Router will be your ideal choice.

In this article, we take a deep dive into a 4 axis CNC Router. You will understand what is a 4 axis CNC Router? How does a 4 axis CNC Router work? What is a 4 axis CNC Router’s price? What you should know before buying a 4 axis CNC Router machine?

What is a 4 Axis CNC Router?

A 4 Axis CNC Router refers to a CNC machine whose processing path includes X, Y, Z, and A axis.

4-axis milling involves the same processes involved in 3-axis machining, where a cutting tool is used to remove material from a piece to create the desired shape and profile. However, in the case of 4-axes machining, milling is performed on an additional axis. A 4-axis CNC Router kit operates on the X, Y, and Z axes like a 3-axis machine, but it also includes rotation around the X-axis, which is called the A-axis. This is the 4th axis that’s added to our working process.

You can find the related CNC Router Products via our Rotary Axis CNC Router. In most cases, the workpiece will be rotated to allow for cutting to occur around the B-axis.4-axis milling is useful when holes and cutouts need to be made in the side of a piece or around a cylinder. They can provide quick and efficient work based on computer numerical inputs for precise results.

Available Materials: Dragon pillar, Roman column, gourd, Buddha statue, cabinet doors, paint-free doors, solid wood doors, craft doors, screens, craft window processing, shoe polishers, game cabinets, and panels, mahjong tables, casting molds, foam molds, automotive molds, aviation molds, ship molds, paraffin molds, and more other materials.

Available 4 Axis CNC Router Software: Type 3, Ucancam, Art-cam, Alpha-cam, Cabinet Vision, etc.

3 Axis VS 4 Axis VS 5 Axis CNC Router: Check this article, it aims to compare the discrepancy between the three kinds of rotary CNC Router and help you to make the best choice.

4 axis CNC router machine price: The answer depends entirely on how big of a bed you want, what options you want, what material you’re running, whether you have any interest in building your own, and your requirements for training.

For more information, you can also click to view, this is an article dedicated to the price of the CNC Router machine for sale.

Note: In addition to the machine itself, you’ll need to purchase a computer-aided design (CAD) software package to create the designs. Some dealers offer packages that bundle the cost of the machine, training, shipping, and installation. Therefore, before deciding to purchase, be sure to ask if you need to spend extra money.

4 Axis CNC Routers Applications

  •  Musical Instrument industry: musical instrument 3D surface, shape cutting.
  • 3D processing: chairs: fiberglass trimming, resin, and other non-metal carbon-mixed workpieces processing.
  •  Advertising industry: Acrylic board, PVC foam board, PS organic board, KT board, PP board, and various materials for advertising decoration products.
  • Other industries: Can sculpt various shadow carvings and reliefs, which are widely used in the craft gift industry.

4 Axis CNC Router Buyer Guide

How does a 4 Axis CNC Router work?

Special design and typesetting software are installed in the general microcomputer to design and typeset graphics and text, automatically generate processing path information, and transmit tool path data to the single-chip through the USB interface or other data transmission interfaces.

The CNC system receives the tool path data and completes the display After a series of functions such as interaction with the user, a specific algorithm is used to convert the input path information into numerical control information. The controller converts this information into a signal (pulse train) that drives the stepper motor or servo motor to control the engraving machine X, Y, Z Three-axis pass. Simultaneous milling can engrave various planes or three-dimensional graphic characters designed on the computer to realize engraving automation.

4 Axis CNC Machine Working Videos

Best 4 Axis CNC Router for Sale


Image Product Name Model Detailed introduction
Light-Duty 4 Axis CNC Router 4x8ft Light-Duty 4 Axis CNC Router 4x8ft FS1725- 4 Axis Click Here
Best 4 Axis Wood CNC Router FS1325D-4Axis Best 4 Axis Wood CNC Router FS1325D-4Axis FS1325D- 4 Axis Click Here
4 Axis CNC Router FS1530D-4 Axis 4 Axis CNC Router FS1530D-4 Axis FS1530D- 4 Axis Click Here

4 axis CNC router review

  • Light-Duty 4 Axis CNC Router 4x8ft is a nice piece of design made to be a perfect router kit. When you look at the device, it might not look very solid but when users use it, they find out that it actually lasts longer than most CNC routers out there in the market.
  • The Best 4 Axis Wood CNC Router FS1325D-4Axis adopts the four-axis linkage control of the industrial control system, which has excellent quality and stability, good maintainability, and strong practicability, and can control the 3D processing of the cylinder and the rotation of the tetrahedron.
  • The 4 Axis CNC Router FS1530D-4 Axis offers an ample work surface and many of the distinctive features displayed by one of the best CNC routers for professional needs in the market. The CNC Router FS1530D-4 Axis can run anything the router can cut but it works best for wood, soft metals, plastic, and acrylic.

What you should know before buying a 4 Axis CNC Router?

What you should know:

1. What material you will want to engrave?

  • Wood: Plywood, particleboard, gypsum particleboard, cement particle board, hard fiberboard
  • Stone: Granite, Marble, Slate, Basalt, Pebbles, Natural Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain
  • Advertising plate: Acrylic board, PVC foam board, PS organic board, KT board, PP board
  • Soft Metal: Aluminum, Steel, alloy, copper, etc.
  • Composite: Aluminium Composite, Copper Composite, Titanium Composite, Zinc Composite

2. How will you hold the material while machining it? Vacuum? Clamps? Double-sided tape?

3. Do you know how to create machinable designs using a CAD program?

4. Partner with a Maker before Buying a Machine: It may be better to work with someone who already has a machine and knows how to use it. That way you can quickly learn if your design is best machined on a CNC. You can also investigate if your idea is marketable.

5. If you are the first contact with 4 axis CNC Routers, you can also directly consult FOUSUN CNC, we have been focusing on providing high-quality CNC Router Machines and solutions for worldwide customers for 20 years.

How to buy a 4 Axis CNC Router machine?

To get the most suitable 4 Axis CNC router machine with the best price, please confirm the below questions:

  • What is the max-width and length of your material? Or please let us know the size of the working table you will need?
  • What main job you will do ? just cut/engrave or need the camera or projector?

Please let us know your requirements for engraving or other details. We will offer you with our detailed quotation according to our consulted CNC Router machines, with high quality and the affordable CNC Router price.

About Forsun’s 4 Axis CNC Router

  1. Usually, we will manufacture the CNC carving machine as our regular design.
  2. The special configuration could be a customer-oriented design.

4 Axis CNC Routers production process: If the CNC Router has no special design, generally 10-15 working days, it usually takes more time in the peak season, generally about 20 days, and the more urgent goods can also be delivered within 1 week.

Perfect After-sale Service for our 4 Axis CNC Router:

  • We will supply the CNC Router machine with a training video.
  • Certificates: Our Forsun Products have passed CE and ISO certificates.
  • Warranty: 1-3 years for the whole CNC Router.
  • Real-Time Online Support: E-mail, Whatsapp, Telephone, Mobile, Skype, 24/7 online chat, and so on, when you meet some problem with installation, operation, or adjusting.
  • You can come to our CNC Router machine factory for training. We will provide professional guidance.

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