How to Maintain the CNC Fiber Laser Machine?

How to use and maintain a fiber laser cutting machine? Fiber laser cutting machine is a high-tech large-scale machinery in the classification of machinery. This kind of machinery is relatively expensive when purchased, and the professional level of technical personnel is also very high in the process of use, so we are using equipment It is necessary to process and maintain the equipment frequently, so as to prolong the service life of the machine. Familiar with the maintenance skills of fiber laser cutting machines can better exert the efficiency of the equipment and maximize the efficiency of the equipment. The following FORSUN briefly introduces the maintenance steps of the fiber laser cutting machine.

How to Maintain the CNC Fiber Laser Machine?

  • Maintenance of the lens

Before starting the fiber laser cutting machine, check mirrors to check whether there is dust on the mirror surface or whether the mirror surface is damaged. The maintenance of the lens of the laser cutting machine is very important, and it is very important to ensure the quality of the beam.

The lens of the laser cutting machine is easily contaminated by smoke and dust. It is recommended to clean it once a day before starting work. Generally, anhydrous industrial alcohol acetone is used to clean the lenses. Different lens cleaning methods are different. When the mirror surface is flat and there is no lens holder, use lens paper to clean; and when the mirror surface is curved or the mirror surface has a lens holder, please clean it with a cotton swab.


When using the lens, pay attention to focusing on the lens, protecting the lens, QBH head, and other optical surfaces, and do not touch it directly with your hands to prevent scratches or corrosion of the lens.

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  • Maintenance of the cutting head

Before using every day, check whether the laser is emitted from the center of the nozzle, if not, please readjust the calibration.

Before cutting, adjust the height of the cutting head to a suitable drilling position.

When cutting, always observe whether it is cutting. If you do not cut, first raise the cutting head by hand to stop cutting, check whether the cutting parameters are correct, whether the nozzle and the protective mirror are damaged, adjust them, and then return to the uncut state, and then continue cutting.

When cutting, observe whether the cutting piece is turned over or up. If so, take over when the cutting head collides with the workpiece. If the plate is not flat, adjust it to the appropriate drilling height (3-5mm) at any time.

When cutting, observe whether the cutting head catches fire. If it catches fire, stop cutting, check whether the nozzle is worn, and judge whether the focus is changing. If so, increase or decrease the pad according to the situation.

  • Laser water temperature adjustment 

In order to prevent condensation on the laser, the cooling water temperature of the water cooler and the temperature and humidity of the laser protection room should be adjusted in time according to the seasonal temperature and air humidity; antifreeze must be added to the water tank in winter to prevent freezing and freezing of water pipes.

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The chiller is used as the cooling equipment of the fiber laser cutting machine. The chiller guarantees the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine at a constant temperature. Pay attention to the water temperature when working for a long time. It is recommended that the water temperature is below 35 degrees; in winter, the circulating water should be prevented from freezing and the laser tube from freezing and cracking (antifreeze can be added).

The water inside the chiller needs to be replaced regularly because long-term use is prone to scaling and reduces the cooling effect. Generally, clean the chiller 1-2 times a month, replace the internal circulating water, and use distilled water without impurities, such as pure water or mineral water. But be careful not to use tap water. Learn more: How to prevent laser condensation in summer?

  • Maintenance of the guide rail frame

Each rail rack needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dust and other debris to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The frame should be wiped and lubricated frequently to ensure that the lubrication is free of debris.

In addition, always check the steel belt to ensure that the steel belt is tight. Regularly check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine. If abnormalities are found, maintenance and adjustments will be carried out in time, usually at an interval of 6 months.

  • Attention to the working environment

The environment where the machine is located must be pollution-free, free from interference and influence from strong electricity, strong magnetism, etc. Pay attention to anti-vibration and anti-loose: the cutting machine is particularly sensitive to vibration. The working environment should be far away from places with vibration sources such as punches and heavy objects. If the connection is loose, it is recommended to install anti-vibration pads and re-reinforce.

In addition, pay attention to anti-interference and anti-leakage: the electromagnetic environment of the cutting machine mainly includes the surrounding electromagnetic field, the quality of the power supply, and the interference of signal electrical noise.

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  • Daily maintenance requirements

A. Check and clean the workbench every day to keep the laser and laser cutting machine clean and tidy.

B. Check whether the X, Y, and Z axes can return to the origin every day, and check whether the position of the striker of the origin switch is offset.

C. Check whether the connecting wire is tight and disconnected every day, and check whether the fan of the control box is normal.

D. Clean the X-axis screws and Y-axis screws every week and then add oil.

E. Check whether the fixing screw of the screw nut is damaged and whether the joint between the water pipe and the air pipe is damaged or blocked.

Check Cycle Need to check the location Inspection requirements
Everyday Working table Clean it
Everyday X-axis leather tiger Keep its move smoothly
Everyday Connect wire Check each wire whether is tense and broken
Everyday Control box Check the fan of control box whether is norma
Every week X-axis screw Open the leather tiger and clean screw, then add oil
Every week Y-axis screw Clean screw, then add oil
Occasionally Check computer AntiVirus. Disk tidy
Occasionally Screw nut Check the fixing screw of the screw nut whether is damaging
Everyday & week Protecting mirror Check the mirror and clean it
Occasionally Water path. wind path Check the joint of the water pipe and windpipe whether is damaging and blocking

In addition to the above precautions, the switch sequence of the fiber laser machine also has a certain impact on the fiber laser machine.

Start-up sequence of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Check whether there are any items in the operating range of the machine tool that affects the safe operation of the machine tool.

2. Turn on the main power switch of the fiber laser cutting machine and the control power switch of each branch.

3. Turn on the voltage stabilizer and check whether it is operating normally.

4. Turn on the power switch of the fiber laser and let the fiber laser with its own air conditioner or internal desuperheater run for more than 30 minutes.

5. When the fiber laser is running for 20 minutes, turn on the air compressor to check whether the air compressor is operating normally.

6. Open the air circuit control valve, turn on the refrigeration dryer, check whether the refrigeration dryer is operating normally, and check whether the air pressure is normal.

7. Open the cutting auxiliary gas control valve according to the cutting needs, and check whether the cutting auxiliary gas pressure is normal.

8. Turn on the power switch of the machine tool and press the power on button to start the machine tool control system. After the control system starts normally, the machine tool returns to the origin.

9. After the fiber laser has been running for more than 30 minutes, turn on the chiller to run, and check whether the chiller is operating normally.

10. After the actual temperature of the high and low-temperature water of the chiller reaches the set temperature ±1℃, the fiber laser will be applied with high voltage, and check whether the fiber laser is operating normally.

11. Turn on the exhaust fan or dust collector, check whether the operation of the exhaust fan or dust collector is normal, and the fiber laser cutting machine enters the state to be cut.


Before the laser emits light, allow the air conditioner attached to the machine to run for more than 30 minutes, which can effectively remove the moisture in the case and control the temperature of the small environment in the case, ensuring that the components in the case will not malfunction due to temperature and humidity.

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Fiber laser cutting machine sequence

1. Turn off the exhaust fan or dust collector.

2. Turn off the high voltage of the fiber laser, return to the origin of the machine tool, then turn off the control system as required, press the power off button after completion, turn off the power of the control system, and turn off the main power switch of the machine tool.

3. Turn off the chiller.

4. Turn off the refrigeration dryer and control valves for each gas path.

5. Turn off the air compressor.

6. Turn off the power switch of the fiber laser or leave it on to keep the fiber laser in a charged state, and you can quickly turn it on the next day.

7. Turn off the regulator.

8. Turn off the power switch of each branch and turn off the main power switch of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Reminder: How to stop the machine during use?

I believe that many customers will temporarily have no cutting tasks or have a rest time of more than 1 hour during the startup process. Then we recommend that customers do not turn off the fiber laser power switch, and turn off the fiber laser high pressure and chiller. If you need to cut the product again, turn on the chiller again, wait for the actual temperature of the chiller’s high and low-temperature water to reach the set temperature ± 1 ℃, and then apply high pressure on the fiber laser, and then cut with light.

It should also be emphasized that it is not allowed to happen that the power switch of the fiber laser has been turned off, but the chiller is still running!

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Quick start operation skills (for reference)

The customer can choose not to turn off the power switch of the fiber laser when it is turned off at night so that the air conditioner or internal dehumidifier of the fiber laser is always working so that the power consumption of the fiber laser is not much. There is no need to wait for 30 minutes when the fiber laser is turned on the next day. However, this is only for reference, and users can consider it at their discretion.

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