What is the best CNC Router machine and how to buy a good cnc router

CNC Router is more and more popular for furniture, door, cabinet woodworking areas and advertising fields in the world due to its wisdom, intelligent, fast speed and high working efficiency.  All the developed countries like Germany, USA and Japan, and even China are paying more and more attention to this industry developing.  It is the 21st industry tendency.  But there are hundreds of CNC router manufacturers and thousands of brand router machines in the market.  Customers are always confused and don’t know how to buy a good CNC Router machine. Today ForsunCNC (www.forsuncnc.com) will introduce some factors in CNC Router buying and tell you what is the best CNC Router.
A good CNC router must be manufactured from good, professional and reliable manufacture.  ForsunCNC company is a professional factory who is engaged in CNC Router research, design, development, and production of automatic labeling and drilling center, CNC nesting machine, ATC CNC Router, six-sided drill machine and intelligent cabinet production line, plasma cutter.  According to customers’ requests, ForsunCNC also provides total solutions on the base of customer different use. Until now,  there are 10 designers for machine design, 3 electrical designers for machine electrical cabinet design and cable laying design.  Meanwhile,  around 100 experienced workers are the assurance for the machine quality.  ForsunCNC has passed the ISO9001 international quality system and TUV certificate quality inspection.  ForsunCNC routers are very popular in the USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia and so on.
A good CNC Router (www.forsuncnc.com) must behave very good features.
Heavy-duty construction designing with aging treatment. It can be used for a long time without deformation and guarantees high performances.
With imported spindle and drill from Italy, screw rack from Germany, linear rail from Taiwan, ForsunCNC router machine is suitable for gravity cutting at a very high stage of stable performance.
The control interface is more humanized and is easy to operate. Instead of skilled workers,  the operator can work after simple training with high speed and efficiency lead to high yield.
Optional automatic loading and unloading.  ForsunCNC router machine can load and unload automatically, cut wooden boards optimally, drill vertical holes in once time. Uninterrupted processing achieves output maximum efficiency. Compared with traditional cutting, it can save a lot of labor costs. It only needs one person to operate, even one person can operate several devices with zero error, simple operation, and high efficiency.
World-famous brand spare parts. ForsunCNC router adopts Taiwan ball screw, Germany Igus cable, Germany heroin racks, Italy HSD spindle, France Schneider electrics, Germany Siemens controller, driver and so on.
Heavy-duty machine body with reasonable structured double-deck multi holes table with strong adsorption.
A good CNC Router must be widely used in different applications.
Furniture Industries: panel furniture, office furniture, customized furniture, solid wood furniture
Wooden product industries: voice box, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine tables, and music instruments
Boards processing: PCB, inner bodies of high-speed railway, tracks of a bowling ball, compact grade laminates, ABS, PP, PE and another carbo mixed compound
Decoration industries: acrylic PMMA, PVC, MDF and plastics

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