CNC Laser Cutter Common Problems And Solutions

When using a laser machine, you will encounter various problems. How do you know these problems and solve them? FORSUN CNC will take you to learn the most common CNC laser cutter problems and solutions.

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1. The cutting effect is not good or cut through?

The power setting is too small, the potentiometer is too small, the light is deflected, the lens is dirty, the focusing lens is reversed, the focal length, the laser power supply, the laser tube power attenuation, the water temperature is too high, the voltage is unstable, etc. Determine according to the actual situation, from simple to deep.

2. Can’t connect to the device?

Whether to install the board card driver, whether the USB cable or network cable is plugged in, the USB cable or network cable is broken, the adapter board is broken, the boarding card, etc.

3. Turn on and move back to the origin in the opposite direction?

The origin switch is broken

4. Is the cutting pattern deformed and cutting overlapped?

The synchronization wheel screw is loose, the motor wire is broken, the motor is broken, the driver, the voltage, etc.

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5. Is the graphic size too large or small?

Whether the size of the output graphics is the same, the height position of the Z-axis changes, the correction file, etc.

6. Are the colors in the center and surrounding of the typed image different?

Adjust the focusing coefficient, adjust the w-axis focus, etc.

7. Is the cutting machine turned on and back to the origin in the opposite direction?

This type of failure is generally caused by a broken origin switch. The origin switch has proximity switches and mutual switches. The reverse direction of the two types of return to origin is generally caused by the short circuit of the switch coil. Replacement can be solved.

8. Does the laser tube emit light?

1) The water level switch is broken
2) The high-voltage line is interrupted
3) The laser tube is broken or burned out
4) The laser power supply is broken
5) No water circulation (including water pipe blockage and water pump not working)
6) The water protection line is broken or the contact is not good
7) The laser power supply has no 220V access
8) There is no signal to enter the laser power supply (the signal line is broken and the contact is not good, the relay that controls the light is broken, the board is broken, and the wire welding is not good)

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9. Can’t turn on the machine?

1) The machine is not powered on
2) The air switch jumped
3) The emergency stop switch is pressed
4) Start waiting button is broken

5) The 24V transformer is broken
6) The contractor is broken
7) Wire break
8) Poor contact
9) The 24V switching power supply is broken

10. Can’t the machine’s x and y-axis move?

1) The 42V switching power supply is broken
2) The board is broken
3) There is a problem with the signal line

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11. Is the X-axis or Y-axis of the machine still or without power?

1) The drive is not powered
2) The drive is broken
3) The line of the drive is not in good contact or broken
4) The motor plug is broken or has poor contact
5) Broken motor shaft
6) Loose or broken driveshaft
7) There is a problem with the drive signal line
8) Blocked slider or blocked drive wheel

12. Machine cutting position

1) Loose belt
2) Lose machine wheel screws
3) The machine drive is broken
4) The machine wire is broken or the wire is damaged
5) The machine motor plug-in is broken or the contact is not good
6) There is a problem with the motor

13. When working, some parts of the same version are constantly cut and some parts are cut?

This kind of problem is generally caused by light deviation or uneven work surface, which requires dimming and flat surface adjustment. Sometimes the light deviation is caused by the deformation of the guide rail, and then the guide rail needs to be adjusted.

14. When cutting, the two ends sometimes cut into each other and sometimes separate?

This problem is generally that the fixed wire of the synchronous wheel is loose or there is a problem with the motor cable. If there is a problem with the motor cable, it is best to replace all of the groups instead of one or two separately.

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15. Are the two laser heads moving randomly?

Generally, the boarding card is broken and the signal given is incorrect.

16. Sometimes customers require that the two versions of graphics can be connected, but cannot be connected when cut out?

This problem is caused by the non-parallelism of the feeding drive shaft and the aluminum pass of the trolley. The trolley cannot be adjusted. The problem can only be solved by adjusting the feeding drive shaft.

17. Start alarm?

1) Whether the water pipe is on
2) Check whether there is water in the water tank
3) Check whether the water pipe of the water tank is skimmed or there are objects pressing the water pipe to prevent the water pipe from flowing.
4). Check whether the connection between the signal line of the water tank and the machine is loose or the signal line itself is defective.
5) If it is a water tank alarm, check the water tank.
6) If the mainboard alarms, first confirm whether the mainboard water protection terminal is jumping, if it does, replace the mainboard.

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18. Does not return to the original point after booting?

1), whether the motherboard x, Y pulse indicator light is on
2). Replace the motherboard. Common fault diagnosis methods of laser cutting machine

19. Does the laser cutting machine cut a circle?

1). Check whether the screws on the X and Y screw seats are tightened.
2) Check whether the board is clamped
3), check the graphics for errors

20. When the laser cutting machine is working halfway, the panel display shows “out of limit data error” and the machine stops working?

1) The machine and computer must have a good grounding.
2) Open the cutting software → click the “File” menu-communication settings, change the receiving and sending buffer time to 5 or 103, and replace the data cable or mainboard.

21. The high-pressure head of the laser tube leaks water and sparks?

1). Disconnect all power first, and wipe the high-pressure head clean with a cotton cloth. (Gently scrub)
2) Cut off the broken water pipe and reconnect it to the laser tube. Then tie it with a cable tie.
3). Reconnect the high-voltage line. (There are 7 silver wires in the high-voltage wire, one cannot be less)
4) Use a fan to dry the wet place of the high-pressure head, and then turn it on again after half an hour.

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22. The laser does not emit light.

1. Press the test button on the control panel to check the status of the ammeter:
a. No current: Check whether the laser power is turned on, whether the high-voltage line is loose or disconnected, and whether the signal line is loose.
b. There is current: check whether the lens is damaged and whether the light path is seriously offset
2. Check whether the water circulation system is normal:
a. No water: Check whether the water pump is damaged or not powered on.
b. Water: Check whether the water inlet and outlet are reversed or the water pipe is broken.
3. It can self-check, and the sending data is not bright: check whether the computer settings are correct.
4. Check whether the cover of the electromagnetic switch, the front door, and the wiring are loose or fall off

23. Engraving different depth or not deep.

1. Check whether the water circulation system is unblocked. (Bent or broken water pipe)
2. Check whether the focal length is normal. (readjust)
3. Check whether the optical path is normal. (readjust)
4. Check whether the paper on the paper is too thick and has too much moisture. (readjust)
5. Check that the beams are parallel. (Adjust both sides of the belt)
6. Check if the lens is damaged. (replace)
7. Check whether the lens or laser tube is contaminated. (Need to clean again)
8. Check whether the water temperature is higher than 30℃c. (replace the circulating water)
9. Check whether the laser head or focus lens is loose. (already fixed)
10. The laser current light intensity must reach 8mA.
11. Laser tube aging (replacement)

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24. Engraving font deformation

1. If the laser head pulley is severely worn, causing the laser head to loosen, replace the pulley.
2. If the tension on the left and right sides of the Y-axis belt is different. Adjust the screw at the back of the Y-axis to the same tension
3. If the left driven wheel of the x-axis is worn, replace the driven wheel.
4. If the x-axis motor fails, replace the motor.
5. If the X-axis motor and pulley fixing screws are loose, tighten the screws.

25. The reset is abnormal

1. Check the sensor for dust, poor contact, or damage. (Wipe the dust or replace the sensor)
2. Check whether the flexible data cable is in poor contact or damaged. (Trim the data cable to remove or replace the data cable).
3. Check whether the grounding wire is reliable or the high-voltage wire is damaged. (Re-ground or replace the high-voltage line).
4. Poor contact of motor wires.

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26. Engraving is missing.

1. Incorrect initialization. (Modify the data again)
2. The sequence of operations is reversed. (Re-output)
3. Electrostatic interference. (Check if the ground wire is disconnected)

The above are the common problems and solutions for CNC laser cutter. I hope to be helpful to everyone. For other questions about laser machines, you can check our product details page or contact us directly.

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