Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Buyers’ Guide 2022

The fiber laser cutting machine is a machine that meets the cutting requirements. Its monochromaticity, good directivity, and high energy concentration have a huge impact on the development of the entire society. With the increasingly stringent metal cutting standards, fiber laser cutting machines are increasingly recognized by metal processing users. Once a tool strictly used for industrial purposes, now you can find laser cutting machines in schools, maker spaces, and even homes. Check our buying guide to find the best sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine on the market.

What is the sheet metal laser cutting machine?

Computer numerical control (CNC) laser cutting is a sheet metal manufacturing process performed by a CNC laser cutting machine. The main form of sheet metal laser cutting is “vaporized cutting”, in which a laser beam melts the material and high-pressure gas removes the melted material. The 3 main types of laser cutting machines are flying optics; moving materials; and hybrid laser cutting. The flying optical laser cutting machine has a fixed bed for cutting materials, and the laser beam head (optical) moves in the X and Y directions above. The working method of moving the material is very similar to that of a standard punch. The beam is in a fixed position and the material moves in the X and Y directions underneath. The mixer usually moves the workpiece in one (X) direction, while the optical head/beam moves in the vertical (Y) direction.

Most CNC laser cutting machines have a processing range of 0.3 mm to 25 mm, which is suitable for higher power models. The laser cutting machine can cut a variety of materials, including low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc steel, pre-galvanized steel, copper, brass, etc. CNC laser cutting uses various gases to assist the cutting process, including compressed air, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Laser cutting machines are generally faster than CNC punching machines when it comes to thinner gauge materials and fewer individual holes. This is because the initial perforation of the material slows down the speed of the laser cutting machine. This is also true for thicker gauges, as more heat is required to melt the material.

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Cutting video display of sheet metal laser cutting machine

Why choose laser cutting for sheet metal processing?

Laser cutting is the fastest and most accurate cutting technique-especially for sheet metal manufacturing. However, this level of speed and accuracy comes at a price. Purchasing a laser cutting machine is a major investment which is why this equipment appears almost exclusively in advanced manufacturing environments.

Lasers provide excellent quality and precision, can flexibly cut materials into almost any imaginable shape and have the highest level of detail. We believe that there are four reasons to choose laser cutting as your preferred method of sheet metal manufacturing:

  • Smooth cut edges

Using laser cutting technology, the light beam hitting the metal plate is completely focused on a specific point, which generates much less heat to the material. This means that the path of the laser is narrowed, resulting in the cleanest cutting edges. This small HAZ (heat-affected zone) combined with the small cut of the machine enables it to cut complex, highly detailed shapes, including holes and lines. This level of speed and accuracy is the main reason why laser technology should be the preferred cutting method in sheet metal manufacturing.

  • Minimum warpage

There is always the possibility of warpage in the metal cutting process, but the use of laser cutting technology can significantly reduce warpage. The combination of processing speed and the heat-affected zone of the laser reduces the chance of sheet metal warping or deformation.

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  • Unlimited customization

The ability to manufacture sheet metal according to your customers’ exact specifications adds to your company’s value proposition and customer appeal. Laser cutting allows you to cut materials quickly and accurately, regardless of the thickness of the metal plate or the complexity of the desired shape. Using the laser cutting method, you can deliver sheet metal jobs exactly according to the customer’s specifications every time.

  • Speed ​​and efficiency

Depending on the complexity of the metal type, tolerances, material thickness, and specifications, the laser speed can be as high as 20-70 inches per minute. Although it takes time and expertise to load sheet metal and program the laser cutting machine, when the laser cutting machine is equipped with dual worktables, it can be automatically calibrated and positioned as needed, which simplifies the setup. Modern lasers ensure that the metal plate is placed flat and the machine is programmed to recalculate the position of the shape being manufactured accordingly while continuing to optimize the available space.

How much does a sheet metal laser cutting machine cost?

How much does a sheet metal laser cutting machine cost? You might be wondering what the selling price of CNC machine tools is? How much does an entry-level CNC machine tool cost? What is the selling price of a small CNC machine tool? In fact, the selling prices of CNC routers of different brands are different. The price of FORSUN CNC machines ranges from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price of a CNC machine depends on the size of the machine and the configuration of the parts. Each CNC machine of FORSUN can be customized according to the different processing needs of customers.

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What are the factors that affect the price of laser machines?


  • Motor and drive

Motors and drivers are devices that drive the movement of the laser head. Stepper motors and drives are relatively cheap, and servo motors and drives are slightly more expensive. Generally speaking, the motors and drives used in reliable laser cutting machines are produced by the world-renowned motor and drive manufacturers. Therefore, users should not blindly pursue low prices when choosing these two components. They can consider all aspects according to their requirements, and then choose the appropriate motor and driver.

  • Control system

The control system can be described as the brain of the CNC laser cutting machine. Some control systems are relatively simple. For example, you can control the machine through the buttons on the handheld controller. The price of this controller is generally relatively low. Some high-end control systems are equipped with display screens, allowing users to adjust cutting parameters more intuitively. At the same time, they have many other functions, such as breakpoint compensation, autofocus, etc., which are more convenient for users to use. Of course, this also means that the overall price of the CNC laser cutting machine will be higher.

  • Bed beam

The influence of bed and beam on the price of CNC laser cutting machines includes two aspects. First of all, the size of the work surface will directly affect the price of the CNC laser cutting machine. The larger the machine processing area, the larger the bed and beam, and the higher the price. In addition, the quality and material of the bed and beam will also affect the price of the CNC laser cutting machine.

  • Protective cover

Some countries may have high requirements for environmental protection. For this reason, we give priority to buying CNC laser cutting machines with protective covers. Although this machine is more expensive than an open laser cutting machine, it is more environmentally friendly and safer.

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In addition to the machine itself, the price of the CNC laser cutting machine is also affected by the manufacturer. Some CNC laser cutting machine manufacturers have large scale, complete production lines, and excellent work teams. They not only sell various models of CNC laser cutting machines but also can complete the production of laser cutting machines with quality and quantity. And some small laser machine manufacturers will deliberately lower the price so that their laser cutting machine has a price advantage. This means that it must make sacrifices in the machine configuration. They will choose some unqualified parts for assembly. Therefore, when we choose a CNC laser cutting machine manufacturer, we must examine his assembly standards in addition to his scale.

Additional fees

In addition, the price of a CNC laser cutting machine also includes some additional costs, such as transportation fees, packaging fees, taxes, and other costs. If buyers choose to import CNC laser cutting machines, they need to bear the transportation and taxes of the machine themselves. At the same time, different laser cutting machines require different packaging materials. And some buyers may also put forward some specific requirements for packaging. So the packaging fee will be different. Finally, if the buyer wants the CNC laser cutting machine manufacturer to assign a technician to guide, this service is usually charged. Therefore, when purchasing the machine, the user should clearly understand whether the price of the CNC laser cutting machine includes other service fees.

How to choose the perfect sheet metal laser cutting machine for your business?

In the beginning, when buying a laser cutting machine, you don’t have to worry too much about all the different types of laser cutting machines on the market. You will experience so many laser cutting machines with various functions that you can’t choose.

Figure out what your business needs are?

First, figure out what your business needs are? In this way, you can choose a laser cutting machine that suits your needs.

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Choose the right power supply according to your needs

Before buying equipment, the first thing to consider is what power equipment to buy. The main factor that determines the power is the thickness of the processed material. The thicker the sheet, the more difficult it is to cut and the greater the power required. So in terms of the power of the laser cutting machine, which is better?

There are three types of power: low power, medium power, and high power. In general, low-power manufacturers are now more concentrated in the market. Due to mature technology and low barriers to entry, various manufacturers continue to produce laser cutting machines in order to maximize profits. For simple configuration and cutting corners of materials, it is safe to choose a well-known brand of laser cutting machine when choosing low power.

In addition to the high-quality requirements of the equipment itself, the medium and high power laser cutting machine believes that the cutting process parameters are also a science, so there are many fewer manufacturers that can achieve medium and high power than low power manufacturers. After all, this is a technical activity.

Choose the right price according to affordability

Many customers consider the ratio of capital input and output when purchasing equipment. Compared with the low-power laser cutting machine, the high-power cutting efficiency must have a great advantage, but the higher the power, the higher the price of the laser cutting machine. The higher the value, many customers want to choose high-power, but considering the affordability of funds, they will hesitate.

Of course, in addition to the power of the laser cutting machine that affects the main price, other configurations will also have an impact, such as air compressors, dust collectors, and chillers. Different laser cutting machine manufacturers have different configurations and their prices will vary greatly.

Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine brand, comprehensively considering the price, choosing a cost-effective laser cutting machine manufacturer is the best solution.

FORSUN CNC has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing laser cutting equipment. No matter in terms of technology, production scale, after-sales service, etc., it can be regarded as a well-known brand manufacturer with rich industry experience. Perfect after-sales service system, professional technical training, to provide you with the most affordable sheet metal laser cutting machine.

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How to choose a sheet metal laser cutting machine for sale near me?

If you are a novice, then I suggest you consult friends who have used CNC routers for sale or have basic knowledge of the CNC machine tool industry. But it is best to consult a professional CNC machine tool manufacturer. FORSUN CNC has more than ten years of CNC manufacturing experience and has obtained a number of patents. We also have a large-scale professional processing team with rich CNC knowledge. The machines all use parts of world-renowned brands. The machine is of good quality and cost-effective. If you are interested in CNC routers for sale, FORSUN CNC CNC machine tools are your ideal choice. We will make the best suggestions according to your needs and help you choose the best CNC router for sale.


Sheet metal laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in various industries, mainly because of their versatility. When using custom metal laser cutting, you should understand the characteristics of the material being cut. FORSUN CNC is a professional laser cutting machine factory. We have a variety of power cnc metal laser cutting machines to choose from. If you are confused about how to choose a sheet metal laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us.

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