How to Clean a CNC Router?

1.The Necessity of CNC Router Cleaning

The running status of CNC Router is the most important for the processing workshop. After a period of use, the cleanliness of the machine will affect its long-term value and immediate operating conditions. For instance, excessive chips can damage the channel, interfere with the movement of the spindle, and may cause damage to the machine itself. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the CNC Router regularly. This process can not only ensure the operating efficiency of the machine but also relatively extend the life of the machine.

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2. CNC Router Cleaning Tools List

Degreaser, Brite Pads, Goof Off, Air Nozzles, Metal Polish, Touchup Paint, Brush, Cloths or Rags, Gloves, Water

3. Pre-Cleaning Inspection

Before starting the cleaning, ensure the safety of the cleaning process and ensure that all electrical doors and covers are closed (except for cleaning). Read the precautions on the machine carefully to ensure that the operation will not damage the machine. Check the dirt of each part of the CNC Router and select appropriate cleaning tools according to the required cleaning degree. During the inspection, the outside should focus on the controls, turntable, and keyboard, and the inside mainly checks the main spindle, coolant nozzle, filter screen and machine channel. These parts are often prone to dust and grease due to long-term use.

4. CNC Router Cleaning Steps

Inside cleaning of CNC router

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Depending on the type of CNC Router to be cleaned, you can remove the external cover to better clean the internal area of the CNC Router and the cover itself.

Use an industrial degreaser to clean the surface of all internal components. Long-term use of accumulated grease can be a major difficulty in the cleaning process. Special attention should be paid to the main spindle, coolant nozzle, filter screen, and machine channel when cleaning the inside. These parts are often more susceptible to dust and oil stains, and cleaning is relatively difficult. Dust from other internal components is relatively easy to clean.

When cleaning, we must first wet the cleaning area, because long-term use of oil stains and dust may be more stubborn, this can reduce the difficulty of cleaning. At the same time, immerse the rag in the industrial degreaser. After the water penetrates the stain, rub the area to be cleaned with the rag. Industrial stains are generally difficult to remove, and this process may need to be repeated several times. Finally, rinse with water. If there are residual stains at this time, you can use Goof Off to remove stubborn stains.

When cleaning, pay attention to the use of industrial degreaser and Brite Pad to remove the grease on the spindle. Moving and wiping the spindle horizontally will be more conducive to your cleaning process. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that there is no residual debris around the main shaft to prevent the main shaft from jamming during the operation of the machine, which affects the operational efficiency of the machine and reduces its service life.

Flush the debris inside the pipe to prevent the accumulation of excessive debris and cause the machine to slow down. Clean the coolant nozzle, apply industrial degreaser on its surface, and wipe it with Brite Pad.

Use the air nozzle to blow the ball screw, chuck, turret, tailstock, and road cover area, taking care not to blow any liquid on any electronic components in these areas.

This is very important for your factory to improve efficiency. Pay attention to safety when cleaning, some precision parts inside the CNC Router may scratch the skin.

Cleaning outside of your CNC router

a. The first is to clean the casing of the machine. It is necessary to spray water to the casing first to make the dust and oily dirt moist for subsequent operations. You need to apply an industrial degreaser to the entire machine shell and scrub it with a Brite Pad or rag to degrease it. The machine casing is generally dusty and has relatively little oil stains, which is relatively easy throughout the cleaning process. However, there will be some stubborn stains, which require the use of industrial friction compounds and bronze pads to rub the stains on the corresponding parts. Finally, clean the machine casing with water. If you want to clean more thoroughly, you can use the polishing wheel and polishing agent to make the surface of the machine look completely new.

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b. Clean the keyboard, spray the degreaser onto the rag and gently wipe the keys, making sure not to push in hard. Do not spray directly on the keyboard to prevent the keyboard from malfunctioning. For the dust in the gaps of the keyboard, you can use a dust brush to clean it, and you can usually cover the keyboard with a keyboard protective film to prevent the keyboard from malfunctioning due to too much dust.

Cleaning for CNC Router-FORSUN

c. Clean the dial. Wipe the dust and dirt on the dial surface and the gaps around the edges with a cloth dipped in degreaser. If you can remove the dial cover to clean the display area inside the dial, it will help improve the accuracy of subsequent work.

Cleaning for CNC Router-FORSUN

d. Clean the machine screws’ dust and stains. These screws are relatively small, dust is easy to hide in the gaps, and it is not easy to clean. You can use a toothbrush to reach areas that are difficult to reach with your fingers. The main keys of the console are also the same cleaning steps. After cleaning, dry the water to prevent screws and other parts from rusting.Cleaning for CNC Router-FORSUN

e. Clean manufacturer stickers. These stickers are easy to fall off due to dust and sand particles, which will cause some troubles for subsequent maintenance and other operations, so it is also necessary to clean the explanatory stickers on the machine. You need to wet the surface of the sticker with a water spray bottle, then apply an industrial degreaser and wipe gently with a rag. If there is a new sticker that can be replaced, you can use a spray bottle to wet all the back of the sticker, gently remove the old label with a blade, and clean the area thoroughly after applying the new label with industrial glue.

Cleaning for CNC Router-FORSUN

f. After cleaning, you may find scratches on the machine casing, which is inevitable during normal use. In order to prevent the rust and corrosion of the machine shell, you need to select the paint that matches the color of the CNC Router and repair the scratches.

Cleaning for CNC Router-FORSUN

The regular cleaning of the machine is a very important part of its normal operation and extended service life. In addition to the above cleaning methods, you need to carefully read the machine manually when cleaning, and clean the CNC Router according to the correct method to prevent damage to the machine parts. If there is any uncertainty, the manufacturer should be contacted in time for the correct solution. I hope this article can be helpful to everyone, and you are welcome to share and discuss your good way to clean the CNC Router.

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