What Is The Best Solution For Cabinet Making

Today’s market requires cabinet manufacturers to use automation equipment and technology to not only gain a competitive advantage, but also to meet customer needs for time, cost, and creative decoration. So what is the best solution for cabinet making

Cabinet makers traditionally combine panel saws with the manual router, hand drills, point-to-point, or any combination of these items to produce cabinets. But sometimes you may find that it is easy to make mistakes, and then cause a waste of materials and time, increase losses.

What Is The Best Solution For Cabinet Making?

You need a CNC router made of a cabinet to complete the right work correctly and quickly!

The industrial CNC wood router machine is the tool of choice for making cabinets. Whether you want to manufacture a set of one-off fully custom-designed cabinets, or needs need to design and build a system for a large number of unified cabinet production, we can meet your requirements.

We have helped thousands of cabinet manufacturers and woodworkers transform their shops. From traditional panel saws, manual milling machines, drills, and hand tools to successfully take full advantage of the huge advantages of CNC cabinet manufacturing.

Suitable Materials of Cabinet Making Machine:

Industrial CNC router machines are equipped with all the right tools and accessories to ensure efficient and clean processing of various materials. Cabinet manufacturers use all types of wood and fiberboard, in addition to certain plastics and aluminum based on applications and preferences. Recent trends refer to solid surfaces, recyclable, and more environmentally friendly materials.

Medium-density fiberboard, Plywood, blackboard, Melamine, hardwood, cork, Live edge wood, plastic products, Acrylic, Solid-surface material, etc.

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CNC Wood Router Projects

wood carving machine
furniture wood router projects
Cabinet Project of CNC Wood Router

Advantages of the CNC Woodworking Machine

  • Reduce wasted work
    The more waste that accumulates on your work floor, the more losses you will cause from wasted supplies. Since standard milling machines lack the precise control corresponding to CNC milling machines, errors in the workpiece are always a threat. Thanks to the computer operation, the CNC milling machine eliminated wasteful work caused by human error and produced thousands of identical parts without producing a single scrap.
  • Larger cutting range
    For standard router planers, producing large products (such as stair risers) can be a challenge, especially in terms of accuracy. On the other hand, large CNC milling machines can easily produce such workpieces. If your woodworker moves in the direction of mass-produced parts with small errors, CNC wood milling machines are preferred.
  • Perfect repeatability
    A CNC router controlled by a computer can produce hundreds of identical parts. For companies that value quality assurance, this aspect of CNC wiring is invaluable.
  • Easy to operate
    Since standard routing involves physical operations that directly affect product quality and worker safety, standard routing requires extensive experience in addition to training. In contrast, the operation of a computer-controlled router is mainly based on computer training. This allows operators to gain expertise within a few months.
  • Increase production capacity
    By producing a small amount of waste and operating with top-notch efficiency, industrial CNC milling machines can revolutionize production capacity. Compared to adding a standard router and hiring a technician to operate it, adding an industrial CNC router with a large cutting table can be extremely cost-effective.

All in all, the best solution for cabinet making is that you can increase material output with only one machine and the right software system. Using FORSUN CNC wood router, you can handle cabinet boxes, doors, drawer front panels, shelves, etc.

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CNC Wood Router Machine Video

The Best CNC Router for Cabinet Making

  • Basic CNC router machine(Suitable for small shops or CNC novices)

Also called entry-level CNC woodworking milling machine.
This type is the basic model you should choose. If you are new to CNC routers or have a limited budget, this is the most ideal model because of its competitive price and affordable quality.

1325 CNC Router

2020 Hot Selling Wood CNC Router FS1325A

  • 1325 / 1530 ATC CNC router machine (suitable for mass production)

It is an ideal model for flat material processing.
The tool changer allows the operator to change the tool manually without stopping the machine so that the program can continue to run without interruption.

1325 ATC Wood CNC Router

New Arrival Wood CNC Router FS1325ATC with Affordable Price

   2020 Best Automatic Tool Change CNC Router FS1530ATC for Sale

New ATC CNC Router 5×10ft with Automatic Pusher Device

Mexican customers

I love this CNC router machine! I was intimidated to try it, but this machine is so easy to use. Love its fast speed, high accuracy, low noise. The working is nice and even. All over it is a great machine for beginners.

Zamyr Diaz / August 13, 2020
Australian customers

Wonderful! Absolutely marvelous work. I could see a whole door being done perfectly using this CNC router from Forsun. We have saved a bit of time and mess! Again, a very nice CNC!

Alija / November 7, 2019
Italian customers

My main purpose is furniture making. cabinets, wardrobes, doors, and panels. Forsun recommends me one 1530 ATC machine with high quality, very suitable for my work!

Arif Maulana / November 8, 2019

The above models are not very suitable for you, don’t worry, we provide a variety of models for you to choose from, click to enter our product details page: CNC Wood Router

Our machine selection includes affordable CNC wood router kits, mid-range CNC wood machines, and professional CNC wood CNC machine systems. If you’re stuck hesitating between machine models, feel free to contact us and know our CNC wood router reviews anytime! (Tell us your budget, materials need to process, size requirements, and we will give you the most suitable recommendation!)

Which CNC Router Is Best For Me?

We already know that the best solution for cabinet manufacturing is to use a wood milling machine, so which machine is best for us to use. The level of automation depends on customer requirements. Smaller cupboard stores only need basic CNC routers; however, for medium to large stores, we provide a series of options to further increase throughput, and ATC routers are recommended.

Our CNC routers enable cabinet manufacturers to easily and accurately manufacture many different styles of cabinets, closets, doors, drawers, shelves, and countertops. In addition, these machines also allow the store to expand its functions to include complex furniture designs such as chairs, tables, rail systems, etc. With the help of 2D, 3D, and even the 4th axis function, our machine allows you to drill faster, cut more accurately, and get a completely smooth finish without hand sanding.

Buying a CNC milling machine is an important decision. So how to buy it, you can browse our previous article: Ultimate Wood CNC Router Machine’s Guide (2020), or you can contact us directly and tell us the specific materials you need for cutting or engraving, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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