NC Studio Controller System for CNC Router

The NC Studio system is a reliable and cost-effective motion control system for CNC Router Machine. The NC Studio system supports G codes, PLT code formats and fine engraving processing generated by various CAD / CAM software such as UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, and CorelDraw )format. The NC Studio system is based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, giving full play to the powerful advantages of 64-bit computing and multitasking. The standard Windows user interface of the NC Studio system is simple, reliable, and easy to learn. The NC Studio system not only has the functions of manual, stepping, automatic and mechanical origin return but also has unique functions such as simulation, dynamic display tracking, Z-axis automatic tool setting, breakpoint memory (program jump execution) and rotary axis machining. The NC Studio system has high reliability and stability, and the price is relatively affordable. It is widely used in 3D CNC engraving machines, woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machines, etc.

Category of NC Studio Controller

NC Studio Controller for CNC Router

NC Studio CNC Controller Motion Card PM95A Series

1) Features of CNC Controller Motion Card PM95A

Bus controller PM95A   NC Studio controller card PM95A
1, Surpass excellence and Transcend perfect. Pulse frequency realized a leap from KHz to MHZ Software resolution reaches micron level.
2, Small body vs Great wisdom. Bus wiring method. Save mounting space. Wiring more simple and more sable.

2)NC Studio Controller 95A Configuration

NC Studio Controller 95A Configuration

3)installation of NC Studio 95A Card

installation of NC Studio 95A Card

4)Electrical Control cabinet and Lambda controller

Electrical Control cabinet and Lambda controllerNC Studio PC Controller

5)Specification Parameters of 95A Controller for CNC Router

Number of Axes Supported   3-5axes
Control Signals Pulse Frequency 1MHz
Control Mode Position control
Control Signal Differential signals
Position Signal Type Pulse+Direction
Communication External PCI-E
Interactive with Lambda PHOENIX bus
Spindle Analog Voltage Output 0-10V
Tool Measurement Tool Measurement Mode Fixed calibration, Mobile calibration, First calibration & Calibration after tool change
Compensation Compensation Type Screw error compensation, Backlash compensation, AQE compensation, Tool compensation
Toolpath File Supported File Format *.g/*.nc/*.u??/*.demo/*.iso/*.eng/*.cut/*.dxf/*.plt/*.txt
Operations WCS Supporting WCS G54-G59 and Work Zero saving
Processing Technology Array, Mirror&rotate, Cycle machining
Convenient Operation   Handwheel guide, Breakpoint resume, Tool selection
High-speed High-precision Optimization Interpolation Algorithms T-type, S-type and LEP algorithms
Software Language   Chinese,English
Safety & Reliability Sofeware Alarms Alarms of program error, operation error, over-travel error, PLC error, and IO communication error

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Handheld Controller NK105 Series


Configurations of NK105 Controller for wood cnc router

NK105 G2 and G3 for CNC Router
1) Simple Description of Handheld Controller NK105 Series
Handheld NK105 Controller 1

The NK105 series is based on an embedded platform and uses a handheld terminal and control box to control.

The NK105G2 / G3 integrated numerical control system is composed of a host system and an operation panel. The host system is the control box, which is connected to the operation panel through a 15-core transfer cable and integrates the control card, terminal board, and other components into a whole. The operation panel is also called a hand-held box. It is simple and light. It is connected to the host system through a 15-core transfer cable and can be separated from the power distribution cabinet to facilitate the control of machine tool operations. The moving distance is only limited by the length of the extension cable.

The controller is widely used on Wood CNC Router, 3 Axis CNC Router, 3D CNC Router, CNC Engraving Machine. Woodworking Machinery.

2) Main Features:
1, Support three-cylinder single inverter, dual-cylinder dual inverter, inline tool magazine, etc.
2, Support 8 gears multi-spindle control
3, Easy to install and debug, keys can be customized
4, Support Multi-language: Chinese, English, Polish, Vietnamese
5, Switch between metric and inch

6, Arc Machining, faster and rounder. Internal speed parameters are optimized, and problems like rag and chatter-mark during machining are solved. Setting of short line speed-limited parameter effectively increases machining speed and precision.

NC Studio Controller NK105
3) Functions of handheld Controller NK105 for CNC Router Machine
1, Support feed rate online adjustment
During the machining process, the feed rate override can be adjusted in real-time. The minimum is 0%, which is equivalent to the suspension of processing, and the maximum can reach 120%.
2. The diagnostic function of input and output ports
It is convenient for users to analyze the faults of the system.
3. Multi-stage speed function of the spindle in 8 gears
The spindle speed can be adjusted in real-time during processing.
4. Registration time management function
Use hardware encryption to manage registration time and protect customer rights.
5. Support Automatic Tool Change function
Supports Automatic Tool Change CNC Router with Straight Line Tool Mag
6, Support pause, the breakpoint resume function
The system supports the suspension of processing and suspension of fine-tuning; after the system stops processing, it can save 3 breakpoints. When resuming processing, you can choose any of them to continue processing.
7, Advanced processing mode
Support to select the file line number processing, milling plane processing.
8, Support Compensation Function
Backlash compensation: Due to the existence of backlash and backlash, the axis movement produces hysteresis characteristics. In the case of high accuracy requirements, backlash compensation is required.
9, Support U disk read and write a function
The system supports U disk file copy, U disk file online processing function.
10. System log export function
Alarms and prompts during the operation are recorded in the form of logs for easy export and viewing.
11, Easy to operate
Fully consider ergonomics, realize all basic functions in the most effective way, with extremely high operability.
12. Support standard 3-axis engraving, engraving and milling functions
13, Circular arc speed limit function
14, Support multiple workpiece modes
15, Rotating mirror function

4) Specification parameters

Specification parameters Number of Axes Supported 3 axes
Other Controls Three axes with multiple cylinders
Hardware Specifications CPU ARM11
RAM 128M
Monitor 128*64LCD display module
I/O Standard
Performance Indicator The product stands EMI/Electrical fast transient immunity/Surge immunity tests and conforms to the fourth grade protection standards of GB/T 17626.5-2008.
Resistance to vibration conforms to the GB/T 2423.10-2008 Standards.
The product stands rigid temperature tests and conforms to the industrial standards of GB/T 2423.102-2008.
Spindle Multiple Gears 8 gears of spindle speed
Tool Management Tool Magazine Type Linear tool magazine
Tool Measurement Mode Auto measurement,Manual measurement
Tool Measurement Type Fixed calibration, Mobile calibration, First calibration & Calibration after tool change
Compensation Compensation Blacklash compensation
Toolpath Program Supported *.g/*.nc/*.u??/*.demo/*.iso/*.eng/*.cut/*.dxf/*.plt/*.txt
Operations WCS Setting Supporting WCS G54-G59
Processing Technology Array function,Cycle machining
Convenitent Operations Handwheel guide, Breakpoint resume, Tool selection
High-speed High-precision Optimization Interpolation Algorithms T-type and S-type algorithms
Software Language Chinese, English, Polish, Vietnamese
Reliability & Safety CNC Software Alarm Alarms of program error, operation error, over-travel error, PLC error and IO communication error

5) Mounting Dimension

NK105_draw Mounting Dimension for CNC Router Machine

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