Customer Visit from India

Customer visit from India

On November 29th, 2019, Mr. Sachin from India visited our factory,tested his FORSUN 1212 type CNC router. And he also accepted our training during this time about the DSP controller.

We showed him our 1212 type machine, “wow, why it’s so beautiful, so lovely !” When he first saw it, he said.

We showed him dust cover, spindle and other details of this CNC wood router. He also showed me pictures of another company. He said “Thanks to FORSUN , we chose you, This is so amazing, we never thought what like this ”

About machine parts, we talked about some data, he was so satisfied with it. And he would like to show our FORSUN CNC Router machine we to more people in India. “I think in my country, more persons will fall in love and use it. A good CNC Router machine can help them make more money.”

FORSUN CNC thanks for the customer’s visit, we are deeply convinced that we will have successful cooperation!

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