Rotary Axis

What Is The Rotary Axis CNC Router?

The rotary axis CNC router is also called the 4th rotary axis CNC router, CNC with a 4th axis rotary table; it is a wood carving machine that uses an indexing CNC rotary axis device to rotate the workpiece for special machining operations. And it mainly processes cube or cylindrical workpieces. During the processing of the 4th axis CNC router, it is not necessary to repeatedly rotate and process the workpiece manually to reduce the number of clamping times and complete the processing of the workpiece at one time.

The rotary axis CNC router is useful when you need to punch and cut holes on the side of the workpiece or on the cylinder. They can provide fast and effective work based on computer digital input to obtain precise results.

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Why Choose Rotary Axis?

There are certain types of parts that cannot be manufactured on a standard three-axis router machine, nor can they be manufactured on a 3D printer or lathe. At this time, we can choose the CNC machine tool manufacturing with a rotating axis.

The application of the rotary axis CNC router machine is a cylinder or 3D sculpture in stone, woodworking, advertising, metal, and other industries. We can manufacture CNC router machines with rotating shafts. At the same time, it is also possible to add a rotary axis device on a standard CNC milling machine to realize the cylindrical engraving work. Therefore, round materials and flat materials can be processed on a CNC router machine. This will save a lot of time and improve efficiency.

Rotary Axis Project

rotary axis
rotary axis
rotary axis
rotary axis cnc router
Plasma Cutting Machine with Rotary Axis
Plasma Cutting Machine with Rotary Axis

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