Plasma Cutting Power Source

The plasma cutting system achieves impressive cut speeds, consistent cut quality, and exceptional consumable life with air or oxygen plasma gas. Optimized cutting parameters are automatically set and controlled in one step for easy operation

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Why choose Powermax over oxyfuel?

  • Safer
    Cutting with a plasma system needs no flammable gasses.
  • More productive
    Much faster cut speeds up to 38 mm (1-1/2″) thick; no preheating needed; a cleaner edge with a smaller the heat-affected zone (HAZ) requires less grinding of the cut edge.
  • More versatile
    Cuts and gouges all electrically conductive metal including stainless steel and aluminum; easily used with templates, cuts stacked, painted, or rusted metal.

Advantages of Hypertherm Power

  • Excellent production efficiency
    When cutting 12 mm mild steel, the cutting speed is 2.5 times faster than flame cutting, resulting in faster cutting operations
    Excellent cutting and gouging quality, reducing the time for grinding and edge treatment.
  • Suitable for cutting and gouging, easy to use
    The cutting torch is rich in styles, easy to use, and capable of different tasks.
  • Reduce operating costs
    The long service life of wearing parts can reduce costs and extend uptime.
    Higher power efficiency reduces power consumption.
    After careful design and rigorous testing, it can adapt to harsh operating conditions

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Plasma Cutting Power Source
hypertherm plasma power source

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