Safety Laser Curtain

A light curtain is basically a screen of infrared light beams forming an invisible barrier. The light curtain can not only ensure the safety of the operator, but also protect the manipulator equipment and other equipment. Sometimes, light curtains are also called light curtains or optical protective covers, either way they can be used to protect many dangerous situations. If used correctly in the application and conditions, the protective light curtain can provide high safety.

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What Is CNC Router Safety Laser Curtain

The light curtain provides additional safety for your machine tool and is easy to integrate into your machine tool. The light curtain provides freedom, flexibility and reduced operator fatigue. By reducing the need for sturdy protective covers under appropriate circumstances, safety light curtains simplify daily tasks such as machine setup, maintenance and repair.

safety laser curtain for cnc router machine
safety laser barrier for wood cnc router

Why Buy A Safety Light Curtain

  • Safety: Prevent personal safety accidents when operating on CNC machines, and protect your company from potential personal safety accidents due to the operation of CNC machines.
  • Increase cycle time: avoid potential mass production downtime
  • Prevent damage to equipment (accidents, downtime or parts delivery costs)
  • Eliminate the potential risk of loss opportunities caused by accidents
  • Reduce potential legal issues related to security incidents
  • Reduce the risk of money loss due to safety errors

How The Safety Light Curtain Works?

  1. Identify hazards
    The safety light curtain is perfectly installed and designed to adapt to the various protection heights of different CNC machines determined in the workshop.
  2. Install the light curtain
    The beams (emitter and receiver) of the safety light curtain are installed along the two edges of the CNC mechanical door, and they use optical synchronization to detect obstacles between them.
  3. Prevent safety accidents
    When you need maximum flexibility to enclose the laser working area or need a temporary Class 1 laser safe working area, please choose a movable laser guard fence. The movable barrier is an excellent alternative to the laser curtain system.

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