Oil Mist Cooling System

Why Choose oil mist cooling system?

The benefits of oil mist cooling systems include reducing maintenance and downtime, as well as maintaining overall workshop safety and employee health in CNC machinery workshops. When the metalworking fluid comes into contact with the tool components and spreads throughout the air, oil mist is generated during machining, milling, and grinding. When exposed to high temperatures during the process, the oil mist will turn into soot. Oil mist and smoke can harm health and contaminate expensive and vital CNC machine parts.

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Benefits Of Oil Mist Cooling System

  • Reduce Maintenance And Downtime

Oil mist collectors benefit CNC machines by reducing maintenance requirements and reducing downtime. A CNC machine that lacks a proper defogger can cause common and recurring maintenance problems, soiling parts, including fans, circuit boards, control panels, cooling system filters, and tool parts.

First, dust and high humidity can damage circuit boards and clog cooling system filters. Once the cooling system filter begins to block, the airflow will be blocked, causing system failure or other performance issues. The cooling system protects valuable electronic components such as drives, power supplies, monitors, and control systems. If the cooling system fails to work properly, the temperature will rise, causing damage to electronic components or even failure to operate normally.

Similarly, oil mist will penetrate into the coolant pump system, thereby generating bacteria, which will make the electric pump less tight. In addition, dirty coolant will corrode the metal surface, resulting in reduced tool performance, accuracy problems, and reduced part quality.

Similarly, oil mist can clog filters and coils in the workshop’s HVAC or air conditioning system. Excessive exhaust to remove oil mist in the surrounding air may result in high energy costs.

In addition, increased maintenance frequency will result in more machine downtime, thereby reducing productivity. Proper control of oil mist can reduce maintenance requirements and allow production to continue as planned. In turn, the need for replacement parts and technician visits can be reduced, thereby saving money.

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Oil Mist Cooling System
Oil Mist Cooling System
  • Ensure General Workshop Safety

In a similar way, the oil mist collector contributes to the safety of the entire workshop. The lack of oil mist collectors will cause safety problems for the entire workshop; even in a closed CNC machine tool, when the door is opened when loading raw materials and removing finished parts, the oil mist will escape. When the oil mist escapes from the CNC machine tool, it will land on the surface near the machine shop, including walls, counters, floors, and lighting equipment. The oil mist on the lighting equipment darkens the oil mist in the store, while the oil on other surfaces increases the demand for housekeeping services. Not only will this cause cleaning problems, but the oil on the floor may cause a slipping hazard. Similarly, oil mist will form flammable oil lines on the floor and other surfaces 4, which may cause fire hazards.

  • Protect Employee Health

In addition, the benefits of demisters include protecting the health of employees so that they are not exposed to oil mist due to skin contact and inhalation.

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