C Axis and Duo Aggregate

Why Choose C Axis and Aggregate?

Aggregate heads for the machining of wood, plastics and aluminum. Competence in consulting, production and service.Install C axis and an aggregate on your CNC Router Machine can increase the performance, versatility and productivity of your 3 4 or 5 axis CNC Wood Router Machine for a modest investment.

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What Is A CNC Router Aggregate?

An aggregate or angle head is a device that is attached to the ATC spindle that allows the user to route, drill,slot and saw at different angles other than where the spindle is orientated.
The use of aggregates on the CNC Router Machine greatly increases the versatility, capability and the overall value of an already very expensive machine.
In almost all cases CNC Router spindles are always mounted at a right angle to the CNC machine table so there are two distinct reasons to install aggregates to your CNC Router machine – to change the direction of the spindle (meaning the way the tool is orientated to the workpiece) and to add a new operation to the machine-like mortising, tenoning, sawing or cutting soft materials with a reciprocating knife.
The Aggregates are almost always used in conjunction with a tool change format like HSK, ISO, or BT.

What is a cnc router aggregate
What is a cnc router aggregate

C Axis and Aggregate

Having a C or a fourth axis on a CNC Router machine is very important requirement for the use of aggregates. C Axis can move from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. A three-axis CNC Router machine could make very good use of a four-way, 90-degree aggregate. This would allow the user to the CNC Cutting machine in X+ and X-, also Y+ and Y-. However, many aggregates are relatively useless without a C axis.

An aggregate that can accept profile ground knives to produce curved moldings such as elliptical or round window casings. This operation absolutely requires an interpolating C axis, allowing you to “steer” the aggregate around the curve of the casing. If a CNC Wood Router machine does not have a C axis, it will need an aggregate anti-rotation ring or a stop block.

Basic Use And Application Of Aggregates

MONO Aggregate of cnc carving machine

MONO Aggregate

This aggregate head is equipped standard with a 90° angle.

Applications: horizontal boring and drilling, routing, and sawing (reduced gear ratio). eg. anchor hole drilling, lock recess, formatting of countertops, vertical slot machining (backside).

DUO Aggregate of cnc carving machine

DUO Aggregate

This aggregate head is standard equipped with 2 tool outlets, each at a 90° angle.

Application: horizontal boring, routing, and sawing, e.g. pocketing, grooving, slashing, and sizing.

QUATTRO Aggregate of cnc wood router machine

QUATTRO Aggregate

This aggregate head is standard equipped with 4 tool outlets.

Application: horizontal boring, (except X-Line, which can also be used for routing).

FLEX Aggregate of cnc woodworking router machine

FLEX Aggregate

This aggregate head is without a doubt the most versatile. The angle of the tool outlet can be adjusted manually from -100° to +100°.

Application: For routing, drilling, and sawing. E. g. v-grooving.

FORTE Aggregate of cnc router machine

FORTE Aggregate

This aggregate head with a recessed output connection is ideal for horizontal machining of larger workpieces, where limited machine
stroke is a problem.

Application: Lock recess, corner notching, etc.

FLOATING Aggregate of cnc carving machine

FLOATING Aggregate

The floating head was developed to machine a consistent depth of cut or outside profile on workpieces with an uneven surface.

Application: shaping applications – corners (parallel profiling) and door surfacing.

MOULDER Aggregate of cnc router machine

MOULDER Aggregate

This aggregate head can be equipped with straight knives, profile cutters, and sawblade packages. The maximum tool length is 120mm.

Application: Heavy molding, sawing, and milling applications. e.g. profiling of surfaces and acoustic paneling.

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Advantages Of Using An Aggregate Head

Advantages of using an aggregate head versus a ” standard“ motor spindle
To put it in simple terms: An aggregate is a „rectangular“ gearbox (with numerous variations). How often have you programmed your machining center to machine workpieces just to notice that it would be much more productive to use a tool in a horizontal position? A good example is the vertical milling of slots! When working vertically with a router bit one can only work with minimal feed for an average cut. Whereas when working horizontally a much better result can be reached with the higher feed rates. This lowers the cycle time of your machine significantly and makes you more profitable. Every CNC machining center can be programmed for horizontal machining!


  • Does an aggregate ft on any type machining center?
    Yes, with a few exceptions! It is important to consider the power and machine connection (HSK 63F, SK/ISO30, BT35, etc.) of the motor spindle. This data can usually be found in the technical documentation for your machine.
  • Can an aggregate be seated into a tool changer and programmed for automatic tool change?
    This depends on the type of tool changer and the type of aggregate. In most cases, this is not only possible but also the most efficient way of using an aggregate. Please note the weight limitations on your
    tool changer and if necessary contact your machine manufacturer.
  • Can an aggregate be used on more than one type of machining center?
    Yes, due to the modular design of FORSUN the use of different models of machines is made possible!
    Condition is: the connection of the motor spindle is the same! Each machine manufacturer has a specific type of machine connection for tools, which FORSUN can put on the aggregate through the use of a so-called torque-arm, which is modular. If a machine does not have a c-axis the aggregate can be turned 0° to 360° horizontally by use of this torque arm.

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